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Pilates Pain Relief Exercises For the Neck, Back, Shoulders and Knees

Have you ever wonder what is the difference between doing Pilates exercise and Pilates exercise for pain relief?

Because doing Pilates the right way is not only essential but it also ensures the benefits are maximized with regards to pain relief. There are Pilates exercises designed for body conditioning, core engagement, flexibility, muscular endurance and strength and more. Pilates exercises for pain relief are entirely different and they require more specific instructions and proper supervision. Therefore learning Pilates from a qualified instructor or trainer who has experienced in rehabilitation is still the best option.

Surely one can learn Pilates online through podcasts as well as from training guide manuals, DIY books, and DVDs. However for pain relief of the neck, shoulder, back, and knees, it is important to work together in regular sessions with a Pilates instructor in a one-on-one sessions for better results.

Working in Pilates private training with an instructor can provide personalized guidance. An instructor can quickly make corrections to the students’ wrong moves thus avoiding the possibility where students pull a muscle, or worse injure themselves in the process.

Working with the right professionals means they are knowledgeable and reliable in introducing new equipment. They also give right instructions on the usage of the machines such as the pilates reformer.

Here are some Pilates pain relief exercises tips that can be done together with an instructor for the specific different types of body pain.

 Pilates Neck Pain Relief Exercise

-Adjust the neck into neutral centre position.
-Inhale and turn the head to one side.
-Exhale slowly. Inhale again while stretching the neck and then exhale as the head rotates.
-Return to center position.
-Repeat the same movements while this time turning to the other side.
-Perform the exercise twice in every side while consciously ensuring proper neck alignment.

Pilates Shoulder Pain Relief Exercise
-Lie down in neutral position.
-Lift the arms in vertical position with palms facing one another.
-Stretch the arms to the ceiling with the elbows soft and relaxed.
-Stretch one arm further to elevate the shoulder blade off the mat.
-Drop the shoulder blade slowly to the floor while keeping arms to the ceiling.
-Do the same movement five times on each side.

Pilates Back Pain Relief Exercise
-Lie down on your back.
-Stretch the legs out or bend the knees.
-Try to raise the head and legs off the floor for a couple of inches.
-Should the movement places stress that is too much to bear on the lower back, raise head and place the feet on the floor while bending the knees.
-Relax the neck throughout the exercise.
-Extend the arms and do raising and lowering movements on them for just a couple of inches.
-While at it, inhale for five counts and exhale for five counts.

Pilates Knee Pain Relief Exercise
-Lie supine and extend both legs.
-Raise one leg toward the ceiling.
-Do leg circle five times in clockwise motion
-And five times in counterclockwise motion.
-Do the same on the other leg.

Joanna Ng