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Patent Leather Pumps Are Perfect For Day And Evening

Patent leather pumps are a chic way to add style and fun into a wardrobe, whether for work, play or evening. This leather, formed by special treatments and coatings, is highly reflective and never loses it shine. It is especially popular for children’s shoes, but there is a certain sexiness that comes with a grown woman wearing a pair of black patent leather pumps. A cheeky place on innocence, the shiny heels show a playful sensuality on the part of the wearer. This leather variant is available in almost every color in the spectrum, lending itself to many different outfits and occasions. This material is perfect for the attention seeker, as the shiny material will catch the eyes of those around her.

For daytime wear, patent leather pumps can add that certain something to office wear. A smartly matched pair of shoes, belt, and purse in white patent can brighten up a navy dress for the summer time, while the same accessory ensemble in red can add a touch of authority. Navy patent is less harsh than black, and can accentuate without being too obvious. For casual wear, there are few things more charming than a floral print dress with patent pumps that recall a color from the print, whether it is pink, red, or green. In the evening, a little black dress can go from lovely to amazing with a pair of patent leather pumps. A classic choice would be black, but a lipstick red or neon pink shoe will amp up the wow factor.

Since patent leather pumps are so distinctive, they are an ideal choice for day and evening wardrobe, or for those days when events blur together. With a few smart pairings, the wise fashionista can create a statement every time she slips a pair on. Since there are so many colors available in patent pumps, there is no reason to only choose black. During spring and summer, white, pastel and bright neon shoes are available in the stores and are a perfect accompaniment to casual daytime outfits and sexy evening wear. For fall and winter, stores bring out the deeper colors and neutral tones that work well in an office situation, such as burgundy, coffee and forest green.

To protect investments in wardrobe and accessories, proper upkeep is always recommended to keep your shoes shining day or night. Patent leather pumps can scuff easily, marring their shine. If this happens, quickly polishing the offending area with petroleum jelly can help blend away the scuff. Scratches and rips will require the care of a shoe hospital, where they can match leathers and treatments to make the shoe look like new. To help prevent this, shoes should be stored where they will not be bumped and stuffed with paper or shoe forms to help them keep their shape. While traveling, patent pumps should be individually placed in soft bag to protect the shine. By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy wearing your patent leather pumps for a long time.