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Paint and Design your Nails with Nail Art Tools and Give Them a Charming Look

Well groomed nails with a beautiful nail art design enhance the beauty of your nails and give it an attractive look. Nail art is a creative picture and design decorated on the nails. Several special nail bars are available for this task. One can design their nails by their own or also can fix artificial nails with readymade nail art done on it.

The nail art is very simple to do. You can add flowers and glitters to your nails add a little sparkle to the nails and decorate it entirely. You can do these arts by your own, but if you find difficulty in painting your nails with your dominant hand, then you can go to some salons that are offering nail art.

Basic nail art equipments used in the nail creativity are:

1. Nail polishes

2. Top and base coat

3. Nail buffer

4. Nail scissor

5. Nail files/emery board

6. Toe dividers

7. Nail polish remover

8. Hand Cushion

9. Cotton wool pads

Always try to keep your nails healthy. A healthy nail can only hold lovely nail art on it. Cracked nails and yellow nails give a sick look and are incapable to hold the design. Well hydrated body contributes a lot to have healthy nails. Clean your nails before applying nail paint on it.

Vitamins such as A, C, E and B12 are essential and important that particularly help in preventing white marks from the nails. Calcium, iron, zinc, and folic acids avoid nails from becoming fragile. Good eating habits make your body healthy and fit.

Here are some tips for nail art work one should follow. It starts with a base coat and end with a top coat. To protect nail surface and make it even, apply a base coat. It gives an adhesive property which protects the nail and gives an adhesive quality to make sure that the artwork stays.

Always use a quality nail polish and water soluble acrylic paints and choose the color that suits the best. The nail art paints are thinner than the nail polish and are applied with a fine brush and other nail art tools. Nail art paint are water soluble and can be easily removed with water. Once they are dried the paint become water resistant.

The strongest quality of nail art is the color co-ordination. Make sure that the color combination you are using is not too loud and do not contain commonly exclusive colors. Buying nail art kit is not all, you need to learn how to use nail art kit. You should watch some professional tutorial videos online to learn the nail art. You can visit to your nearest salon and observe their working while they are making them on your friend’s nail. Several nail art accessories are available such as tiny color beads, bits of foil, golden pens, bits of lace and much more to give your nail art a pretty look. You will find some accessories so tiny that you cannot hold them in your hand.