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Natural Mineral Makeup, a Natural Alternative to Greasy Makeup

Mineral Makeup is a natural alternative to acne causing and pore clogging oil based makeups that dominate the market. Cosmetics are big business, but just because something costs more doesn’t mean it’s better for your skin. Every liquid you put on your skin is absorbed into the skin and goes directly into the blood stream. Think about that next time you pull out your liquid foundation and apply it to your skin.

The process by which a substance is absorbed into the blood via the skin is called transdermal delivery. It is one of the fastest ways to get something into the blood in a concentrated form. Many drugs are delivered by applying a skin creme or skin patch that contains that drug to areas of the skin that absorb it readily. The face is one of those places.

Transdermal delivery is so effective in fact that many drug companies offer their drugs in some kind of creme or patch for an effective means of dispensing the drug into the blood without getting a shot or taking a pill. It actually takes the body longer to absorb something through the digestive system and get that substance into the blood than it does to apply it directly to the skin. This is something you need to consider when you buy makeup. Read the labels carefully, and if you aren’t interested in putting dies, chemicals and preservatives into your blood you may want to consider an alternative form of makeup.

Oil and other chemicals, dies and preservatives not only absorb into your skin, but they also clog your pores, which then build up sebum under the clog and cause acne. Oil based makeups are simply not good for your skin in any way. Naturall many people have turned to mineral makeup as a safe and natural alternative to commercial makeup. Why?

First mineral makeup is made from all natural minerals that come from the earth. Most of them are a combination of the minerals mica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural sun blocking agents and are used in almost every over the counter sun block lotion you buy. They are also water proof so the staying power of mineral makeup is usually all day with little or no touch up needed.

The minerals used to make the makeup are very finely milled into a powder that is so fine that it blends very well into the skin and looks very natural. The vast range of colors available in the minerals make it possible for mineral makeup manufacturers to offer many different colors. Every concievable color has been made from blush, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and foundation in hundreds of shades. It’s easy to buy two or three different foundation shades and blend them for a custom color. The minerals blend very easily together.

The minerals are also milled so fine that they won’t clog your pores, and if some of them do manage to get into the blood stream, remember they’re all natural and they’re minerals. They are completely safe for the body. Many doctors and dermatologists have proclaimed mineral makeup as the skin care makeup because it is so healthy for the skin and does not aggrivate acne and it covers blemishes, acne, large pores, and scars very effectively.

Jennifer Parker