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Must See Amsterdam Attractions

If you are looking for a vacation that will provide you and your family with a rich and beautiful vacation experience, Amsterdam is the place to go to do just that. This beautifully interesting city is very unique and will provide a rewarding experience for just about anyone. It is quite easy to see why Amsterdam attractions draw in thousands of visitors each year. If you want to make the most out of an Amsterdam vacation, there are a few things that you will want to add to your travel itinerary in order to get the best.

The Van Gogh Museum

Of all of the artists that have made a name for themselves after death, Vincent Van Gogh is perhaps one of the most popular. Make sure when you are considering Amsterdam attractions, you consider taking a trip to the Van Gogh museum. Here you will be granted access to the viewing of over two hundred artworks by this amazing artist. The museum also provides historical information about this artist and background information for some of his paintings. It is best to book your ticket in advance for this museum because waiting lines can be quite long. Your advance ticket will also allow you admission to any special exhibits offered by the museum when you visit. Make sure that you do not miss this Amsterdam attraction.

The Keukenhof Gardens

If you appreciate the beauty of flower gardens, you will have a sincere appreciation for the Keukenhof Gardens. This Amsterdam attraction boasts over one million flowers for visitors to behold and photograph. The ride to this location is filled with breathtaking country views and once you arrive, expect to be greeted with many flower varieties including colorful tulips, fragrant hyacinth, and daffodils.

Take a Trip to the Dutch Countryside

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a trip through the Dutch countryside. Here you can take in the best that the city has to offer when it comes to Amsterdam attractions. You will have the chance to visit serene country settings complete with old wooden houses and windmills, see real fishing villages, get to know the locals, and you definitely want to stop in for a piece of Dutch cheese at a traditional cheese farming location. You will definitely enjoy getting to see the roots of what the city of Amsterdam is all about. Here, the rich culture and old world personality is very evident.

Hop on A Double Decker Bus

If you really want to take in a lot of sites and see more Amsterdam attractions, grab a ticket and hop on a double decker bus for a tour of the city. In just a little over an hour, you’ll get to see a variety of different Amsterdam attractions including the Anne Frank house, the Royal Palace, and the Heineken Brewery. This is a very nice way to get to know the city, see a great deal of the downtown area, and learn more about the history of the town.