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Lithuania Is a Perfect Holiday Destination – 5 Reasons Why

There are a number of reasons to travel to Lithuania. The largest among the three Baltic states, the others being Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania boasts of a beautiful countryside and many attractions. Given below are five reasons which make the country is a perfect holiday destination.

Beautiful landscape

Though the country doesn’t have any big mountains or forests, yet its beauty lies in its diverse landscape. You will find rolling hills and gentle plains in equal measure here. Glaciers have smoothed the landscape of the country and the greatest elevation is in the eastern part of the country. The terrains feature many lakes and rivers whose beauty will refresh you. The Nida dunes will leave you astounded and standing on the peak of the dune, you can enjoy a fabulous view of the waves of the Baltic.

Great architecture and museum

If you love Baroque and Gothic architecture, then Lithuania will surely delight you. Vilnius Old Town, one of the biggest surviving old towns of North Europe, has an array of such architectures. Visiting them is an amazing experience altogether. The town also houses many palaces and religious monuments. You will also find the famous KGB Museum in Vilnius Centre. You can also visit an ex-Soviet underground bunker in Vilnius to get an idea of life in such bunkers during the Cold War.

Fantastic folk festivals

Lithuania holidays are incomplete without attending its folk festivals. These festivals will give you an insight about the culture and traditions of the country. Kaziuko Muge is one the best folk festivals of the country, which is held every year on March 4. Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival is another festival worth attending. This event is held in early July and there are live performances from people of different ethnic regions of the country.

Delectable cuisines

Lithuania is known for its healthy and natural cuisines. The food of the country features products that are suited to its cool climate. There are many restaurants in the country, which serve delicious national and international cuisines. There are some similarities between Scandinavian and Lithuanian cuisine.

Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon ride allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the country. A ballooning center next of Vilnius International Airport offers you balloon tours of Trakai, Klaipeda, Siauliai, etc. at a reasonable price. These rides are highly popular among locals and tourists.

You can enjoy a host of activities in Lithuania with skiing and snowboarding being most preferred by visitors. There are many hotels in the country whose hospitality will make your vacation truly memorable.

Ritesh Bhuwania