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Latest Nail Art Design Trends in 2013

If you have naturally long nails or acrylics chances are you’ve been tempted to get some pretty trendy designs at one point or another. They can be very attractive and they can represent your personality but how do you know which ones are actually trendy and cool and which ones you may want to stay away from?

How to Represent Your Personality

When you’re getting a new design on your nails you don’t necessarily have to follow the latest trends. You should feel free to do whatever makes you happy and whatever represents your personality.

We are all different and we all have cool designs we may love but if you’re looking for something trendy you may want to consider these options!

Styles That Are Hot Right Now

Right now there are a few trendy patterns that most women and teens go for and that’s the floral design.

It can be as detailed or as intricate as you’d like and you should feel free to use various colors that represent who you are! You’ve heard of the Bedazzler right?

You can do this for your nails as well. You can go with stickers or even fake jewels to create a trendy look.

What Your Nails Say About You?

You probably won’t be too surprised to know that your nails can say a lot about your personality without you even opening your mouth.

The color or the design can help describe the type of person you are and it can even show that you care about your appearance or you’re artsy and creative.

What Colors Work Best?

This is something that’s extremely personal and dependent on your personality.

You should go with colors that you like and ones that may match your clothing.

If you work in a professional setting you shouldn’t do anything that’s loud or that might draw attention to you.

Should You Create The Latest Trends Yourself?

This is a question that most women probably ask themselves often. Should you spend the money to get them done or do them yourself?

If you’re artsy then you can do them yourself and if you’re not you can test them out a few times to get the hang of how to do it.

Enlist the help of friends and even make a fun evening out of it with good wine, friends and laughter!

Where to Find Tips and Tricks?

  • You can find tips and tricks on the internet. If you log on and do a quick search you should be able to come across quite a few cool and trendy designs.
  • Ask your friends for advice. If they do their nails often they may have some tips and tricks for you.
  • Pay attention at the salon. Watch what the stylist does the next time you get your nails done and try to keep a few ideas in mind.

Do the Trends Change Often?

Just like with everything else in life the nail trends will change from time to time. To stay current check out the Web or ask advice at the salon!

Ruby Palmer