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Know Your Black Forest Cake

Since its first preparation in Germany during 1915, Black Forest Cake has become a ubiquitous favorite all over the world. This layer chocolate cake variety remains covered with chocolate shavings, whipped cream, and cherry fillings that add to the appearance. This is a step-by-step process where you need to prepare the cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings beforehand and then assemble everything to create the overall look. Whether you want to use alcohol or make it an alcohol free variety is, however, your personal choice.

Cake decoration involving the Black Forest variety is also an interesting endeavor where much depends upon the preferences of the baker. All it requires is a steady hand and a creative imagination to go with it, for ensuring the most visually pleasing displays. Here are some decorating tips that will help you in this regard.

  • What is the size of your cake going to be? This of course will determine the amount of different ingredients you will need to purchase or arrange for getting on with the job. Even the smallest of the cake or cupcakes for that matter, will require a minimum of one cherry to top it up along with some chocolate shavings to go with it.
  • How sweet taste is too sweet for you! You will need to get an answer to this before assembling or decorating your cake. For a lesser degree of sweetness; you may choose to frost only the outer side of the cake and refrain from using it between the layers or keep it to a minimum. Again, whipped cream is a better option in this regard instead of traditional frosting varieties, laden with sweet taste.
  • White frosting and rich chocolate is of course, the best choice for you if you have a sweet tooth. Use it generously on the outer surface of the cake and top it up with chocolate shavings and cherries. If you want to indulge in your craving for some rich chocolate do not forget to go for this frosting type during your cake preparation.
  • Do you want to go for something really decadent and rich to suit your love for this fantastic cake variety? In such scenarios go for butter cream frosting because it will prove to be a dream come true for you in all regards. Such frosting types tend to retain the whipped cream dairy richness along with flavor and weight related to sugar.
  • So, now the frosting on your cake is complete! How about decorating it to the best of your abilities and top it up with delicious cherries and chocolate shavings. You have different options in this regard, and one may go for maraschino, fresh, and canned varieties of cherry fruit. So, just take your pick based on availability and preference.

So, now that you know your Black Forest cake, are you ready to prepare this scrumptious fare, or would you prefer to go for pre-prepared options at your local makers instead! The choice of course, resides with you!