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Know more about pregnancy caused scar and stretch marks treatment

The most beautiful things in the world come with little side effects! A marriage comes with responsibility, a well paid job comes with long hours in office, very tasty food comes with health issues and the birth of a beautiful child comes with stretch marks!!

A recent survey conducted in India concludes that around 87% of expecting women worry about their physical appearance post pregnancy and around 90% of women agree that pregnancy stretch marks are one of the most difficult issues they face with respect to their looks.

Let us probe in detail about what causes these marks and how few women get away looking as good as they were post pregnancy.

What is a stretch mark?

Stretch marks are a form of scarring of the skin, resembling streaks, mainly associated with stretching of the skin due to rapid growth or weight changes. These scars fade out over time, but seldom disappear. Stretch marks can appear in both men and women and in any part of the body buttocks, thighs, hip, calf muscle, breasts, stomach etc.

Why does pregnancy cause stretch marks?

When a woman conceives a child, she gains an average of 30 pounds during the 9 months. The area around the abdomen and breasts grow rapidly. Once the child is delivered, this additional weight is lost, leading to loose skin with marks.

Stretch marks are also genetic. If your mother had them post pregnancy, there is a lot of chance you will also end up with these marks.

Most of us are of the opinion that stretch marks can only appear around the abdomen area. But doctors suggest otherwise. From breasts to thighs and arms, pregnancy can cause marks in any part of the body.

Can you prevent their occurrence?

Stretch marks usually appear during the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy and unfortunately there is no proven method to prevent them. They are a part and parcel of pregnancy and it is important to make up the mind to deal with it rather than getting anxious or depressed.

 Follow these everyday routines during pregnancy to reduce the intensity of these marks and to have a healthy skin pre and post delivery.
  • Keep the body hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices. This will help the skin stay healthy and will make it easier to bounce back from the stretching
  • Consult your physician and start mild exercises that will help maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent gaining too much weight rapidly
  • Moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly using products like bio-oil to prevent dryness
  • Do not give up on all these routines post delivery! It is important to stay healthy after the child birth too.

Are there any treatments for stretch marks?

Cosmetic surgery is always an option to remove scars. There are a lot of women who undergo such treatment these days. There are also specialized scar and stretch mark treatment oil and creams available that boast of reducing these marks. It is very important to consult your physician before opting for either the surgery or these massage creams and oils post pregnancy.

Stretch marks are not a big deal. The smile of a new born child is worth facing a million marks all over the body! No one other than a woman understands this better. So stop fidgeting and love the whole process of giving birth. Scars will fade off over time!

Don Mathew