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Keep Kid’s Clothing Simple

Sometimes simple things turn out to be more elegant than the most elaborately decorated things are. Kid’s clothing should be kept as simple as possible because the overly adorned kid’s clothing simply distracts the viewer’s eyes from the natural beauty of the child. When dressing children simple is always more in keeping with what is appropriate.

Kid’s clothing should fit them snugly, but never be overly tight. Children cannot move and play in clothing that is too tight against their bodies. Tight clothes restrict the natural movements of the child. Try your best to keep their clothing with a little giving room so they can move.

Kid’s clothing should not be too large. If you dress a child in clothing that is too large they stand a chance of injuring themselves. They also look like someone has tried to make them wear adults clothing. Keep their clothing properly sized to their bodies.

Kid’s clothing should not be smothered in lace, bric-a-brac-, tatting, or any other decoration. A small amount of decoration on the edges of kid’s apparel will make the items cute, but when you have rows, and rows, or ruffles and lace, you simply make the outfit so busy that it dwarfs the child wearing it.

Try to put children in things that are rather plain and simple and let their natural beauty shine through. You can dress a little boy in a pair of jeans, and a nice plain colored tee shirt and his rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes will hide the fact that there are no pictures on the shirt.

On the other hand, if you take the same small boy and you place a shirt on him that is covered in decorations, his rosy cheeks will not look as bright, his sparkling eyes will be dulled by the sight. People will not notice that he is angelic of face, and smiling brightly, they will notice that he had something written on his clothing.

The same thing is true when you dress your daughters. Place your little girls in items with less lace and you will be more likely to see her beautiful face. The clothing does not make the child, the child makes the clothes. So try and dress your children in such a manner that the clothes do not take away from their beauty and elegance. Keeping things simple will also make keeping their clothing clean easier to do.

Kid’s clothing does not need all of the lace, sarcastic sayings, and decorations. Kid’s clothing should be kept simple so that the beauty of the child surpasses the look of the clothes.

Ador Talukdar