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Kate Hudson: I Basically Live In Workout Clothes, Which Is Why I Designed My Own

Kate Hudson is keeping herself busy these days — jetsetting, modeling and acting — but she’s still finding time to work out. The star led a spinning class last week in her newly-launched Fabletics line, and post sweat session, chatted with PEOPLE about how she juggles it all.

Our first question, of course: How does she even find time to do all of this? The answer: It’s not that hard if it’s fun. “I come in and we’ll talk about things and we’ll change things up but the girls are really, really amazing and we have fun,” she tells PEOPLE. “We shop, we look at stuff and we share ideas … [As for workouts], I don’t ever push myself … [I’m] not in some idea that I’m supposed to be on some crazy schedule of working out.”

And Hudson explained her reasoning behind having her first solo launch be workout wear instead of party dresses. “Everybody thought the first thing I’d get into is high-fashiony, chic dresses. I got a lot of people wanting to do that, but for me I wanted to reach a wider community of women,” she says. “It is athletic but it’s also — as a mom, I mean, I live in this stuff. How often am I on a red carpet and how often do I take my kids to school? It’s kind of a no-brainer ratio that I’ll probably be wearing this more than I will a Cavalli dress.”

So now that the line’s officially launched, you’ll see her hitting the gym in plenty of her Fabletics seamless pieces — and you may just see them outside of the gym as well. “I pretty much, all day, have something on or half of something I worked out in or am planning to work out in,” she says. “I like purchasing a legging that I can wear to work out [and] that I can still wear for going out with boots and things. I already had all my girlfriends, like, ‘Can I get that?’

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