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Jaipur – A Global Tourist Destination

aipur is a transnational tourist spot; people from all countries flock here, to enjoy top-quality holiday excitements. The mesmerizing environmental charm adds more cuteness to the innate placidity of Jaipur, and this natural serenity attracts a lot of tourists to this place. The enchanting bucolic excellence and the mind-blowing ancient splendors will keep everyone spellbound; moreover, the easy accessibility to all kinds of modern amenities makes the place all the more alluring.

By all means Jaipur is a fitting place to spend a much awaited holiday time! Visitors will be able to swim in the opulent natural exquisiteness and at the same time, can enjoy all of the trendy amenities of modern life, and thus can get themselves rejuvenated, both physically and mentally. With a few days of holidaying at this place, one can easily chuck out the mental pressures that might have got accumulated due to the pressures of the practical life.


Jaipur is copiously rich with historical excellence; amid the present vibrant life, you can also feel the pulse of the bygone days! The contemporary life of Jaipur lies intertwined with the past grandeur of the region, and that is the real beauty of it! The captivating environmental grandeur makes the place even more spectacular!

The awe-inspiring history of the city starts from the 12th century; it was during this period that the Kachchwaha Rajputs, who were the Mughal Empire nobles, began to colonize in the Amber region, near the Aravalli Hills. These nobles were richly rewarded by the Mughal emperors, for their loyalty towards the empire, and for the able support rendered, as far as the overall governance of the region is concerned. The aura of the ancient glories still hangs around the region! Jaipur is the first planned city of India. This was in the 18th century; the initiative was given by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, and the initial name was ‘Jainagra’.

The Best Time to Experience the Exquisiteness of Jaipur

Warm days always make holidaying more pleasing than wet days, because, tourists will be able to dig all possible corners for garnering memorable holiday moments. As far as Jaipur is concerned, the period from October to March is much suitable for holidaying. November is the winter time, and this marvelous season gets stretched to the early days of March. One can experience a typical mind-cooling cool breeze during this period, and of course, this will be highly rejuvenating!

Must See Places in Jaipur

There are quite a few exciting sites here, which will give tourists mind-boggling sight-seeing experience. The list includes ‘City Palace and Sawai Man Singh II Museum’, ‘Jantar Mantar’, ‘Hawa Mahal’, ‘Jalmahal’, ‘Jaigarh Fort’, ‘Amber Fort’, ‘Sisodia Rani Garden’, ‘Nahargarh Fort’, ‘Central Museum’, ‘Albert Hall’, ‘Birla Planetarium’, ‘Galta Monkey Temple’, ‘Laxxi Narayan Temple’, ‘Govind Devji Temple’, ‘Elefantastic’, ‘Kanak Vridavan’, ‘Shesh Mahal’ and ‘Royal Gaitor Tumbas’.


All types of holiday homes such as ordinary hotels, star hotels, heritage hotels, inns and paying guest houses are available. However, it will be always wise to book your rooms well in advance, rather than waiting for the last minute.

Popular Dishes

The popular local food items include Ghevar, Feeni, Dal Baati Churma, Missi Roti, Gajak, Chauguni Ke Laddu and Moong Thai. You must not forget to taste these items, because, you may not get such chances when you go back to your country!


Shopping augments the excitements of holidaying; without quality shopping, holidays will certainly become lackluster. Here, in Jaipur, you will certainly enjoy shopping, as there are some great shopping areas, and moreover, all of the main streets are saturated with different kinds of shops. Gems, stones, various handicrafts, blue pottery, silk-threads, jewellery and textiles are the most popular shopping items, apart from all of the modern-day products. The main shopping centers are ‘Mirza Ismail Road (MI Road)’, ‘Johri Bazar’, ‘Bapu Bazar’, ‘Busy Bazar’, ‘Chaura Rasta’, ‘Nehru Bazar’, ‘Badi Chaupar’, ‘Raja Park’, ‘Gaurav Tower’ and ‘Ganapati Plaza’, which is the most modern shopping mall.

Kaliyath Achutha Kumar