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Indian Street Food Trail – 6 Dishes That Will Give You Foodogasm

India is well-known for two things – its finger-licking food and Bollywood melodrama. Your trip to India is moot if you haven’t watched an action packed Amitabh Bachan movie or hogged into delicious street food. And if you are a vegetarian,you are golden,for you have some amazing delicacies to dig in. Here we have listed 6 great Indian street foods that will give you the ultimate foodogasm.

Vada Pav – Mumbai

If you are literally drooling at the thought of this,you are not the only one. This is an Indian version of a burger straight from the heart of Maharashtra. It consists of a fried potato dumpling called ‘Vada’ in a bun,which is lathered with red and green chutney that adds a sharp flavor to it. Don’t forget to take a nibble of fried green chili with each bite of Vada; it will hit the spot.

Golgappa/Panipuri – Calcutta

You cannot leave the Indian streets without tasting one of these. It is not just the dish,but the way it is made is equally a part of the savoring process. The process starts by punching a tiny hole in a fried sphere called “puri”,followed by stuffing boiled potato,chickpeas,onion and sprouts. The puri is then dunked into sweet-sour-tangy mix of jaggery and tamarind. Time to pop the puri right in and feel the explosion occur in your mouth! There is no other feeling like it.

Chole Bhature – Delhi

There are varieties of street foods to try in Delhi,but this one should definitely top your priority list. The crisp and puffed bhature coupled with spicy hot chickpeas curry is an ultimate treat for your mouth and it is filling.

Dabeli – Ahmedabad

When you are done gorging into delicious Chole Bhature in Delhi,time to turn to Ahmedabad,and what is that one dish they have that can leave you hankering for more? Dabeli! It has a spicy potato mixture with different chutneys spread between the bun and garnished with finely chopped onions,nylon sev,spicy peanuts and pomegranate. Its sweet-crunchy-hot taste brings out the true flavor of India.

Jalebi – Jaipur

If you had your fill of spicy Indian food and would now rather give your sweet tooth a treat,then Jalebi is just the thing for you. Made of yeast and sugar syrup,it is best described as a funnel cake,and has a crispy-thin exterior and juicy-sweet interior. Every bite will have gooey sugary liquid flooding your mouth. Piping hot Jalebi served with cold rabdi can take you to a completely new world.

Idli Sambhar – Chennai

You haven’t tasted the real food of India,until you didn’t take a bite of fluffy soft idlis with piping hot Sambhar. Sambhar is a vegetable stew made of tamarind pulp and herbs and idlis are made from steamed rice batter. This dish not only tastes incredibly delicious,but is also healthy. And here is a bonus,it does not add to your calories. Can it get any better?

We are just getting started here; there are tons of other yummy dishes that can easily make it to this list. India is one rich country when it comes to food and culture.

Keny Dsoza