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Ice cream – some amazing and interesting facts

Ice cream the most delicious and fabulous things discovered by man. Ice cream the perfect combination of milk, nuts, fruits and other ingredients, you just eat and got your self flying in the sky, it is just a feeling where the person does not want to get disturb. Some time you get selfish when you are asked to share your ice cream you do not want to share it at all. But there is a lot to tell you about ice cream which you may not even know like-

Ø      The most important ingredient in making of ice cream is milk but you may get shock to know that it requires 12 gallon of milk in making 1gallon of ice cream.

Ø      On an average it takes 50 licks to finish off a single scoop of ice cream cone.

Ø      In the history of Ice cream the biggest sundae was made in Canada whose weight was 24 tons.

Ø      Portland, Oregon was the first city in 2003 produces more ice cream per person that any other city in the United State.
The first cone invented in 1904 in St. Louis and represented at the word fair.

 Ø      Most of the people may be thinking that the chocolate flavor will be the most demanded ice cream flavor but you will shock to know that vanilla is the most demanded flavor.

Ø      The favorite topping of ice cream is chocolate syrup.

Ø      This will not be easily digested by any of the people that the major ingredient in ice cream is air.

Ø      Like we have some specific day likes mother’s day, children day, valentine’s day similarly we have ice cream month which is July.

Ø      There are many records in the filed of ice cream, in 2002 the largest ice cream pyramid was made which had 3000 scopes of ice cream and had a weight over 1000 pounds.

Ø      Not only this much it also had a record in cake also, the ice cream cake was made whose weight was 12,096 pounds.

Ice cream in the summer became the necessity for all no matter child or adult every one wants ice cream.

Kevin Meaney