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How Using the Right Blush Can Make Your Makeup Stand Out in a Crowd

One of the worst mistakes women make when putting on makeup, is using the wrong blush or using no blush at all. The first thing you want to think about when buying your blush is what kind is going to work for you. Powder blushes are by far the most popular, but even these come in several forms. You can get pressed blush, loose powder blush in shaker jars, or loose powder in a dispensing brush. Mineral blush is by far the best to use, as it contains natural minerals that are actually good for your skin. Powder blushes just blend better and have great staying power.

Next, you have to choose the right shade for your skin tone. The general rule of thumb is this: choose a color that matches the “apples” of your cheeks right after a workout. Or, bend over and let the blood flow to your head for a minute or two, and note where the color shows up on your face. Also, think about which color clothing choices are best for you. If you look good in peach, orange, or beige, a warm color blush will most likely be what you should choose. If your more flattering colors are bright pink, turquoise, or silver, a cooler color is probably going to look better on your skin.

When you are buying a blush brush, look for an angled contour brush so that you can apply your blush to the contours of your face. To apply, dab the blush on your brush, tap off the extra powder and smile as you look into the mirror. Apply using outward strokes across your “apples” and blend in to create a healthy, flushed look. Here’s a tip: Using your Kabuki, swirl back over you entire face. This is just a great way to blend it all together for a finished look. Now, you are ready to go!

Judy Barnes