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How to Use Powder Foundation for Oily Skin

Powder foundations are typically packaged as small and handy compact packs that you can slip into your compact. They have a typically silky feel and can make your skin look fresh and flawless in a matter of minute.

Women with oily skins however, should be a little more careful when they choose a powder foundation for their skins. Given its innate ability to distort foundation and other makeup, oily skin needs more attention when it comes to applying foundation.

How to apply powder foundation for oily skin

First clean your face with a cleanser or face scrub. This will help get rid of all the deal cells and leave your face fresh for applying foundation.

Next, apply oil-free primer on your face. Primer helps hold the foundation for a longer period of time. Ensure that you apply primer especially in the extra oily T-zone area (nose and forehead).

You can either apply powder foundation by taking a little in your palm or fingertips. You can also use the brush that usually comes with the powder but fingers are more flexible for accessing all parts of your face.

Apply the foundation in little dots all over your face and neck. You might want to mix the foundation with a little moisturizer to allow for easy application. Leave the foundation on for about 5 minutes before going on to apply some powder. If you are using a brush, start applying from the center of the face and go on outward towards the jaw and hairline.
Avoid dabbing on too much powder foundation as it will result in a heavily made up look. There is also the risk of pores stating to secrete more oil due to too much applied powder foundation. Powder foundations for oily skins are also referred to as ‘noncomedogenic’ which in simple language means that they are formulated to avoid clogging up open pores.
Always remember to carry a blotting paper with you in case of shiny patches further down the day. Simply blot away the extra oil lightly without rubbing your skin.