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How to Season Deep Fried Lamb Chops

Difficulty level: easy

They are fun! Of course, they are! Deep friend lamb chops are a yummy, fun way to add a little crunch to the meal or snack. And, needless to say, they are best when they are properly seasoned. Seasoning is one of the most basic steps of cooking any kind of dish. Although most other dishes incorporate seasoning as a part of the cooking process, in the case of lamb chops, it makes sense to pay a little attention to the best ways to season them for a deep fry.

Step one – choose your flavours. The crispness of your deep fried lamb chops and their outer coating, are qualities you can make use of when choosing a seasoning. Choose a strong, rich, or savory flavor to go with the crispness of the coating, and the essential sweetness of the lamb.

Step two – Begin seasoning with a light sprinkle of basic salt and pepper on both sides of the chops and let them rest for a while so that they absorb the flavors. Sea salt, or pink salt, combined with yellow pepper or a pepper blend can be interesting. Dust with some herbs at this stage to make the chops more savory.

Step three – Mix eggs and milk in a dish, and beat them together. You can add in some spices at this stage to add to the overall richness. Choices can range from rosemary, fennel, and thyme to garlic, or mint. Adding them to the egg mix will infuse the flavors into the lamb chop as it fries.

Step four – Take some bread crumbs, or flour in another dish. Consider enriching the flour with spices like curry powder, coriander, paprika, or tarragon. This is especially useful if you are not adding spices to the egg mix, or coating your chops with flour.

Step five – Dip the chops in the milk and egg mixture then coat them in the flour or the bread crumbs. Drop them in hot oil, and fry them until golden brown. Fry only about 4 at a time so that you ca prevent them from burning, and it is easy to turn them as needed.

Step six – Season the deep fried lamb chops, again, immediately after you take them out of the fryer to add a second layer of seasoning to your chops. The herbs or spices will not stick to the chops well if they cool. Sprinkle on your chosen herbs and spices, and pat them gently into the outer crust.

Tips for Re-heating

Brush some oil flavored with garlic or rosemary onto the lamb chops while re-heating. Once they have cooled after frying, they will lose some of their flavor, and it helps to enhance them at this stage.

Play around with combinations of flavors for the seasoning process to see what works well for you.

Jia Mata