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How to Pick the Correct Lingerie

Beautiful lingerie is quickly becoming a necessity in the modern woman’s wardrobe. Lingerie comes in many different styles, colors and sizes. Whether you are getting one for yourself or for your mate, there are several factors that you should have in mind before making the purchase.

It is important to settle for a style that makes you feel desirable, sensual and most of all special. Wearing the correct lingerie can be a great ego booster. When all considerations are taken into account, you end up looking wonderfully exotic and feeling fantastic. There are several tips that can add a little sparkle to your wardrobe.

Tips on Getting the Correct Lingerie
Color- Three colors that auger well with most women are red, black and white. It is important to consider your hair color when picking out a suitable choice. While blonde women may fit well in pastel or black, brunettes look better in red and rich blues. If you are a red-haired, earthly tones like green and blue will suffice. Generally, pale-skinned women look better in darker colors while dark-skinned women look great in lighter colors.

Body type- It is prudent to pick something that you feel comfortable wearing. You need to emphasize the body parts that you feel more comfortable with. This does not always mean that you show more skin. If there are parts of your body you feel less comfortable with, always deflect attention from these areas.

Body Shape- Whether you have a straight figure, big bust, large hips or a small waist, you can get the correct piece. It is important to avoid tight-fitting sizes. Women with small breasts can deflect attentions to their legs or bottom. Stockings usually draw attention towards your legs. If you have droopy or full breasts, then your best pick is a style with an Underwire or halter tops. These can lift and enhance your cleavage.

Materials that stretch like spandex and Lycra make an excellent choice for plus size women. If you have a large bottom or hips you could show them off in a long loose gown that drapes or flows gently over them. Always avoid styles that fit tightly around the waist.

Women with pear-shaped bodies usually have a small upper body built. They do not necessarily have small busts. Such women should get loose-fitting tops. If your breasts are small and you need to draw attention away from them, you can get some baby dolls or something padded to accentuate your cleavage.

Women whose body shape is the upside down pear or inverted triangle have wide shoulders and smaller hips. These women would look good in something that wraps around the waist. Accessories like a feather boa or kimono come in handy for this body shape.

Women with the Hour glass shape usually have the same upper and lower body size. Such women usually fit in well into almost anything. In case you have a bulge in any part of your body, you can cover it well by wearing single piece lingerie.

Tall women should get something that is vertically stripped. Short styles that highlight your legs are a good idea. Avoid long styles that are cut out to reach the floor.

Short women look fantastic in gowns with slits around the leg area. Short baby dolls that give a leggy appearance are an excellent choice. Always choose styles that are proportionate to your height. It is also important to pick your correct size. However, having a tight-fitting piece is better that having one that fits loosely.

Charles O. Momo