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How to Make Perfect Grilled Pork Chops?

It is a well-known fact that skinless, boneless chicken breasts are quite difficult to grill well whereas pork chops do not lag far behind. A proper procedure needs to be followed to grill the pork chops in right manner.

However cut selection in the right manner is the basic step for perfect grilling of pork chops. But there are lot many other cut selections which do not actually suit for high flames. The front most cuts have large amount of intermuscular fat which will not properly help in its quick cook on the grill and hence makes them quite tough to chew.

Finally once the cutting is done properly we have a thick-cut rib chop which is a perfect pork chop ideal for grilling purpose. Before grilling there is need to soak it in a salt and sugar solution for almost an hour as it helps to reshape proteins in the meat in such a manner that it retains its moisture and helps in better cooking. With the result it will be much juicier and more flavorful also.

One these are marinated they can be patted dry with the help of paper towels to get rid of any moisture from its upper surface. After this freshly ground black pepper is sprinkled over it and then it is ready to be put into the flames.

It should be kept in mind that thin-cut pork chop is ruined after grilling but thick-cut pork chops can be prepared properly once its grilling is done.

To make fantastic ones best way out is to properly roast them on a grill. Now the chops are ready to be burnt over high heat which creates a brown crust over it which looks tempting to eyes. To finish up the cooking process, you just need to move these to the cool side of grill. As this indirect heat can help to make the meat gentler and also allows to easily monitor its internal temperature too. The desired temperature is 135°F, which helps to make the final chop quite juicy.

Unlike chicken whose grilling is somewhat tough and at times the end result yields an undercooked chicken. Grilling of these chops is quite an easy task even a beginner can try it.

So by topping chops with a finishing sauce and then proper grilling can surely help you to prepare a fantastic grilled chop with crust full of flavor.

Eris Dicosta