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How to find the right necklace?

Believe it or not, a gorgeous and beautiful necklace has the ability to make a perfect evening and bring out a distinctive “you.” After all, there is nothing better than a stunning necklace that can match your personality to add to your overall appearance. However, finding the right necklace is not an easy task.

Here are some necklace purchase tips for you:

Delicate necklaces are ideal for you if you have petite body while necklaces with huge chunky gemstones or big pendants are excellent choices for those with fuller frame.

If you are short and going on date with a taller man, it is best to buy a long V-shaped or Y-shaped necklace as it can elongate your appearance. Just make sure the necklace you purchase falls below your bust.

If you are going on date with a shorter guy and you are tall, it is ideal to buy 17? – 19” necklace.

Collar necklaces are ideal for you if you’ll wear a broad and deep neckline dress. Before you buy a necklace, it is important for you to measure the approximate size of your neck. For this, you can simply wrap a soft-sewing tape around neck’s base and mark where it meets. Alternatively, you can wrap a ribbon around the neck and measure it on a metal measuring tape.

Types Of Necklaces:

Collar necklaces: This necklace, around 12? – 14”, wraps around the neck and goes well with shirts and boat & V-shaped neck styled tops.

Choker: This necklace, around 15? – 16”, rests on the collar bone and goes well with sarees and salwar kameez.

Princess Necklace: This necklace, around 17? – 19”, complements generally all body frames, dresses, and occasions.

Opera Necklace: This necklace, around 25? – 38”, falls on the breast bone or longer.

Matinee Necklace: This necklace, around 20? – 24” goes well with high necklines and evening gowns. Perfect for formal evenings, Matinee necklace ends at the top of cleavage.

Lariat: These necklaces, more than 38?, can be wrapped multiple times around the neck.