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How to Control Frizzy Hair in 7 Ways

Only those with frizzy hair know the envy of seeing someone with tame, manageable hair passing right by. Why couldn’t we be blessed with good hair like virtually everybody else on the planet? Just think about all the different styles we could try – if they would just do as they’re told. But they don’t.

Fortunately for us, not all hope is lost and we can someday achieve sleek-looking hair ourselves. All we’ll have to do is to dutifully adopt a few practices when caring for our frizzy, beloved hair.

Here are 7 ways that will help bring us closer to hair happiness, and perhaps make the decision to let our hair down a much easier one.

How to Control Frizzy Hair

Hydrating shampoo: Using a shampoo that hydrates and repairs will make it better adjusted to the humidity outside, which causes hair to frizz. That said, shampooing should be limited to once every two days or even less frequent in order to let the natural oils in your hair to condition your scalp.

Moisturizing conditioner: If you have frizzy hair, you cannot do without a conditioner! Most conditioners have dimethicone, which is a type of silicone known for coating hair, conditioning and giving you a great shine. Leave your conditioner on for at least five minutes before rinsing. Be sure to occasionally use a clarifying shampoo alongside it to get rid of any buildup.

Serum: Silicone also exists in styling serums which can do wonders to even the most uncontrollable hair. Apply this onto clean, wet hair for better application and absorption. Putting it on dry hair can make hair greasy instead.

Blow-dryer: Although frequent blow-drying and on high heat can cause hair damage in the long run, blow-drying generally can reduce frizz. Air-drying hair will absorb humidity and thus, cause hair to frizz. Therefore, be smart about blow-drying, and do it until your hair has completely dried.

Good brush: One brush that’s good for frizzy hair is the boar bristle brush, which smoothens and straightens hair. It also adds volume to it! Be sure to use this when blow-drying your hair.

Hot oil: A weekly oil treatment such as one with Jojoba oil can make hair cuticle stronger, which will prevent your hair from frizzing up.

Hairspray: Annoying flyaways can be dealt with using an anti-frizz hairspray. Spritz on lightly – and you’re done!

If these products seem overwhelming to you, there are also remedies you can make at home to help smoothen hair, such as ones with carbonated water, beer or coconut milk. Find what works for you and stick to it to see results!

Sylvia L Moore