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How to Apply Natural Looking Eye Makeup to Step Out in Style

Every woman will want to learn how to apply natural looking eye makeup as this is the most suited for a casual day out with friends or for office. These makeup techniques will help you create a natural look and will suit women with different eye shapes.

The first step of any makeup application is the concealer to hide all those ugly spots and under eye circles and then apply foundation to get flawless, smooth skin. The next step in the guide on how to apply natural looking eye makeup is eye base; use a neutral tone base to cover the entire lid area.

Use a neutral or light colored eye shadow and apply over the lid area up to the brow bone to open up your eyes. Then use a medium shade over the crease line and blend into the lighter shade under the brow bone. Next, apply the darker shade at the outer edges to define the shape of your eyes and blend this well into the medium shade to get a natural look.

To learn how to apply natural looking eye makeup, practice well especially how to use an eye liner. Draw a thin line just above and along the length of the upper lid towards the outer edge of your eye in one fluid motion. It is best to avoid thick and harsh lines which give you a made up and artificial look. Similarly line the insides of your eye too; this is best done using a kohl or crayon pencil.

Curl your lashes using a curler and then apply two generous coats of mascara to add emphasis to your beautiful eyes. The last step is to fill in your brows with eyebrow pencil and your eye makeup is just about perfect. These tips on how to apply natural looking eye makeup can help you enhance and define your eyes which are the windows to your soul

Rizvana Abdul