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How a Manicure and Pedicure Can Make or Break Your Outfit

Every woman knows that getting the perfect manicure and pedicure is a necessary part of any ensemble. Like a chunky necklace, designer high heels, or other statement piece, perfectly polished nails are an accessory to every outfit. Getting your nails done by a professional can ensure that your nails are accentuating your outfit rather than taking away from it. Here is how.

The Finishing Touch

A beautifully done mani pedi is the perfect way to top off any outfit, and it is worth it to hire someone specially trained to do a job you’d never be able to match at home. Many women choose to get solid colors that match another accessory, such as a purse or bag, or you can choose a color that complements your cute new pair of peep-toe heels or shoes. Bare nails can come across as unrefined and harsh, whereas shiny polish in colorful or muted tones is an easy and effective way to add prettiness and femininity to your look.

Do not Ruin Your Outfit

Just as a good mani pedi can bring your outfit to the next level, a poorly done can be detrimental to your look. Inexperienced nail technicians who have not mastered the technique yet are likely to cut your cuticles, causing unattractive and often painful eyesores all along your nail bed. Other common mistakes made by people who do their nails at home or go to novice nail techs are chipped and otherwise messy nails. Chipping is not only a waste of money, but it can also only be remedied by removing the polish altogether. Someone who does messy work will leave nail polish marks on the skin around your nails, which can distract from your overall outfit. If you do not want to ruin your whole look just because of a badly done polish job, be sure to go to an expert.

Choosing the Right Style

The type of nail style and design you choose says everything about your character. When you see a master nail artist, you have the opportunity to choose from many options to represent your personality. Those women who like a classic look that goes with any outfit will love a traditional French manicure. However, if you are after something more exciting for an eventful weekend out, sparkly nails might be the best bet. Women who want to reflect their free spirit will love whimsical nail designs.

David F Moss