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Hip Hop Dance Lessons

The hip hop culture is one of the most popular and widespread form of art the world over. The hip hop dance is very vigorous and is mainly associated with young people. It involves the equally popular hip hop music although some other genres of music might be blended in. Breaking, lock and pop are just some of the dance styles included in pop.

Hip hop dance styles trace their roots in the 1970s when they were developed by Latinos and Black Americans. It involves a lot of free style moves and allows participants to improvise their own styles. Dance battles are popular in hip hop circles. Different groups and even individuals compete for top honours in formal or informal dance competitions.

A typical hip hop battle involves a group of dancers who gather around a cipher, which is the circular space left at the middle for the competitors to showcase their moves. Ciphers, battles freestyle are some of the most common terms used in hip hop dance. MCs, Graffiti, Disc jockeys, B boys and B girls are the major aspects of the hip hop culture.

Dance Steps in Hip Hop

Hip hop dance steps are not exactly easy. Every dancer requires hours of practice to perfect the steps. Hip hop dance classes are essential for every dancer seeking to gain skill and experience. Break dancing is one of the most admired styles in hip hop. Spectators enjoy watching the fast spins and other cool moves. Those who have mastered this art are treated with awe and are the envy of many.

Break dancing mainly consists of uprock and downrock moves. Downrock moves are performed when squatting or lying on the ground while uprock moves are performed while standing. The dancers put in a lot of energy, time and dedication towards perfecting their moves. In addition to the styles taught, participants are allowed to add their own moves to make the dance unique.

Steps in Learning Hip Hop

Owing to the popularity of the hip hop culture in the world, many dance studios offer training on the same. Music videos which contain outstanding hip hop dances top the charts almost overnight. Most teenagers are fascinated by the dance and can’t wait to learn. Hip hop dance classes are flocking with learners seeking to dance their way to stardom.

Some observers argue that hip hop is largely free style and should not be taught in a formal setting. However, the basics of the dance remain rigid, and every aspiring dancer must take time to learn. There are those original hip hop moves that can only be well mastered after taking the lessons. After learning the basic steps, participants can then go ahead and incorporate their own.

Although hip hop is largely viewed as a preserve of the youth, anyone can take part in the dance. The classes provide entertainment and improve skills, and gets you ready for the next hip hop battle. The vigorous activity also acts as a great form of physical exercise, helping you to stay in shape.