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High Heeled Sandals for This Summer

What you want for your feet this coming summer? To complete your wardrobe for this summer, you must have high heeled sandals. There are numerous colours and styles to pick from, and sure you will have a tough time decide one or may be two. Here are some tips to help you make a better decision during your purchase.


To begin with, the first thing you have to decide is the height of the heel. In case you will be doing a lot of leg work for most part of the day like standing, walking or dancing, than low to medium heels will be good. They are still pretty and attractive and are comfortable to walk in. They don’t have excessive heel height and your feet are not pressed on hard surface.

You also need to consider on what type of surfaces you will be walking mostly. For example, for a garden party or summer wedding party you will have to walk on a lawn. Thin and high heels will tend to sink in the surface and does not make for a sensible purchase. In such cases, a kitten heel will be a sensible option.

Still, when you think of high heeled sandals, it is not about ease and functionality. When you wish for high heels, you wish to look great and exceptional and in such a case you can be a little impractical. For a beautiful and head turning experience this summer, go for the highest and thinnest heels. These will make for a great combination with all your summer dresses.


What style will suit you best, is your own personal preference, as to how you want to appear. Here are a number of styles to pick from:

Slingback Sandals: They have an ankle strap that can be adjusted. You can keep them on for a long time provided the strap fits you well.

Strappy Sandals: They are really open sandals, with open back, a peep toe and lots of straps. They are best for those sweaty evening during middle of summer or hot days.

High Heeled Sandals: They make walking easier with ankle straps that can be adjusted.

Open Toe Shoe Sandals: They have an open front, but on the whole they are more closed than the strappy option. It is a good combination of open toe shoe and strappy type sandals.


Apart from style, you should also make a note of the type of material used in making sandals. In case you will wear sandals for long hours and your lifestyle is really tough on them than you should make sure the material last long and is made of good leather.

The colour you purchase depends on the dress you have in your closet. In case, you will have just one pair of sandals, make sure they go with everything. Choose a colour that is neutral on the whole like black, silver or white.