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Healthy Summer Fruits To Get Healthy Skin

Radiant, glowing, hydrated skin is really important, especially in the summer. Summer fruits are not only seen refreshing and delicious on the hot day; they are also jam-packed with minerals and vitamins that give you that healthy summer glow. Beautiful skin is all about good habits.

Summer time is a superb season for fruits that does not only make for healthy, refreshing snacks but additionally have purifying and cleansing properties which make them ideal for skin. Here are a few fruits for your skin in summer.


The oils and vitamins in ripe bananas naturally condition hair when mashed and applied like a mask, adding gloss and moisture to dry or chemically-treated hair. Bananas are also said to prevent wrinkles which help maintain a healthy skin tone when used in facial treatments. Many recipes combine bananas with avocado, that has similar nutritional qualities.


The citric acid in lemons provides a mild bleach for blondes and light weight brunettes when lemon juice is applied to hair and subjected to sunlight. We can take advantage of the acidic properties of fresh lemon juice for restorative purposes too, namely the removal of product residue and pool chemicals. Lemon juice can tone and control oily skin too.


Kiwis have an abundant source of vitamin C and antioxidants to keep your skin feeling soft, supple and reinvigorate. Natural acids in kiwis are also useful in fighting signs of aging by keeping your skin toned. When applying a kiwi facial mask you might feel a slight tingle; this means the fruit is trying to give your skin a deep cleaning.


Grapes contain Vitamin A and B3, as well as minerals, tannin and citric acid that moisturize your skin and slow down the aging process. Additionally they stimulate and detoxify your skin and the best thing about this fruit is it contains very little calories.


 The fruit that’s rich in vitamin C & E could make your skin fresh and healthy. Papaya not just improves your color complexion but additionally make your skin smooth and glowing. To nibble on papaya by adding it in salads or when you eat it in simple slices.


Blackberries are full of vitamin E. This fruit nourish the skin leaving a glowing effect. Vitamin E makes your skin healthy and fresh. You can eat blackberries in raw form or perhaps in desserts. Your diet for healthy skin must contain blackberries.


This fruit consists of 90% water and contains vitamins A and C. Watermelon helps you to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a rosy complexion and smooth, supple skin. Other health advantages of watermelon include: reducing inflammation from arthritis, skin asthma and diabetes, fighting heart disease and lessening the risk of cancer.


Strawberries contain anti-oxidants and protect skin in the harmful affects of the environment. Additionally they contain a lot of vitamin C which results in fewer wrinkles. Other health benefits of strawberries include: preventing leukemic and halting the development of malignant tumours.

Sweet Melon

Sweet melons in addition have a high water content and vitamin A which will help fight signs of aging and keeps skin glowing. Other health advantages of sweet melon include: increased vision, preventing cataracts and reducing the risk of lung cancer.


Apples have a large list of uses and health benefits, only one of my favorite is providing you with beautiful skin. Apple cider vinegar has been utilized for centuries as a home remedy to pay off up acne, pesky brown spots and other blemishes. The fruit’s an excellent addition to your beauty regime to cleanse the skin of excess oils and provide you with a youthful, toned look.

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