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Headaches and Migraine Facts

While some people suffer from headaches due to their body’s reaction to some allergies, others suffer from headaches due to migraine. Other common factors that cause headaches include inhalation of toxic or polluting gases, changes in sleeping patterns, skipping meals, tension, stress and anxiety and many similar factors. These same factors can trigger migraine headaches as well and migraine headaches can be serious at time and can last up to days. Millions and millions of people all across the globe suffer from migraine and there is not cure for it. Headaches can prevent people from going to their offices and prevent children from attending schools. There are various types of headaches and here we will discuss the two most common ones, migraine being one of them.

The most common headaches amongst all its type is tension or stress headache. Tension headaches affect children as well but that is not very common. According to few doctors, tension headaches are caused by tension, depression, stress or anxiety or an injury in the head but that has not yet been proved. In fact, the exact causes are yet to be discovered. According to latest studies, changes in the level of certain chemical in the brain are considered to be the main cause of tension headaches. Allergies and excessive intake of caffeine can be the others factors responsible for tension headaches. We have already discussed what might are the possible causes of migraine. Stress is a common factor amongst children that triggers of migraine headaches. Over the counter medications like pain killers are usually effective against tension headaches but more than three per week can cause further headaches. Medicines like paracetamol, aspirin, Ibuprofen etc. are prescribed by the doctors to get rid of headaches. But these pain killers are not recommended for the children.

 The factors that cause headaches are not always possible to avoid and some of the factors are yet to be discovered. After heavy research, two devices were developed by the brilliant NASA scientists for getting rid of all kinds of pain starting for headaches to arthritis pain. Painfree is an electronic device that gets rid of all kinds of headaches including migraine and is really effective and absolutely safe for children as well. It has no side effects and gives you relief from pain naturally. It creates an electromagnetic field and emits radiations that penetrates into the pain tissue and releases endorphins that get rid of the pain completely. Endorphins are natural chemicals that are secreted by the human body in order to kill any kind of pain. As remedies for migraine, this is your best option irrespective of your age. Another device named Medicur Pro helps to get rid of all kinds of pain and works on the same mechanism.
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