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Hair Color Your best friend or worst enemy

It’s important as in today’s modern world, success is truly guaranteed if you are able to mix your intelligence along with your looks. So what’s the better way to impress other, i would rather say if you want to create a stir in a crowd, you have to surprise other ,there is number of way you can do, change your costume, or look. Easier way will be changing the color of your hair. Believe it or not, it will be a total surprise for your friend and family.

So, why don’t you try, pick a color, there are many shade available from black, brown to even yellow and pink. But the question is how far; we can be reliable or be sure that whatever we are using is safe, or will be safe for long run in life. The advantages are usually purely cosmetic, such as brighter, livelier, and sometimes more vibrant hair, also, having “better” hair can make one feel better about their overall appearance, so it is rather therapeutic, however, there are also disadvantages to consider as well, such as the stress and damage .Repeated coloring can inflict on hair, the ingredients in hair color raise the platelets in the hair shaft, “lift” or remove the previous color, and deposits new light reflecting molecules, these molecules then swell inside the hair shaft, and take on the color, as can be seen when one manually mixes hair dye and watches it “process over time” this process can often times lead to dry, brittle hair, some brands say “damage free” but that’s really untrue.

For the above reasons, organic hair color come into existence. It offers you more than just coloring without attacking the hair; its usage is increased day by day as it don’t contain synthetic chemical, or artificial colors and it plays a protective and nourishing role . It is a veritable hair care product for the hair, smoothing the capillary fiber, thickening and protecting the hair. Organic hair dye helps to give your hair its strength and beauty back, like a second youth. So even if you won’t be able to radically change your color, you’ll have the pleasure of getting beautiful and natural hair back again! Sometimes applying it is more devastating than choosing it. So, beauty bar will be a good option for you. Beauty professionals can only help.
Conclusion is use natural hair color rather than choosing the chemical one’s and treat the color as your best friend.