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Ghana wildlife safari tours

Ghana today is a modern country with a cosmopolitan with good economy and a land with beauty. The flag shows that how far Ghana has come from the green of the forest to the gold that comes from the earth and the red blood that the black soldier who signifies the importance of the country. It’s hard to leave a place that is so inspiring

During the safari you will go through Elephant safari which is one of the most amazing safaris of your life. You will see Chimpanzees, and apes usually at the north, the hippos are really wonderful but be very very careful when reaching towards the hippos, as when they get mad they can be really very dangerous they have teeth like 7 centimeters long. This will for sure be one of your best Mammal experience. One can say after travelling Ghana that this place gave me high quality time and memories. While travelling to Ghana you should make each and every effort to enjoy the time with reptiles,  the amphibians, specially the bird species which are so cute and beautiful, You should also see Ghana from botanical point of view as you will find rare tress over here which have been used for ages for making medicines by the old people over here. There is also a season in which the multi-colored butterfly comes to the safari which is one of the most scenic moments you’ve ever seen in your life. Ghana could be said as a beautiful blend of beautiful and diverse blend of culture and traditions there are many ethnic groups living in Ghana. With one of the world’s most biological diverse rainforests the Savannah Habitat are declared as one of most awarded rainforests by the UNESCO and having world’s best heritage sites.

 People are very helpful when you visit to Ghana, they are really friendly they will ask you where are you from, where will you want to go, heard some from the Ghanaian people that you are our brothers and we love you to death.

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