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For The Sheen in Your Locks! 10 Foods for Healthy Hair


The environment is changing and so are our habits. Our diet or our eating habits reflect directly to our body. The same criterion is followed by our hair as well. It is not about what your put on your hair to make them look beautiful but it is about what you feed them. There are a number of hair care products available in the markets that are quite useful for creating the desired hair but what about the internal nutrition? The right type of nutrients in the right quantity is very much necessary for our hair. Following are the 10 best foods that would give you healthier and shinier hair.

1) Green Leafy Vegetables:

Consuming green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli provide your hair with Vitamin A and C. the production of sebum which is a natural hair conditioning oil given out by the body is created by these vitamins. Dark green vegetables are also a source of iron and calcium.

2) Beans and Pulses:

Beans, pulses, legumes, kidney beans and more should be an integral part of your diet. They provide protein to your hair in abundance making them naturally beautiful and attractive. Not only protein, they are also enriched with ample amount of iron, zinc, and biotin.

3) Non Vegetarian Diet:

Chicken and meat are a great source of protein which improves the quality of your hair. The deficiency of protein may lead to brittle hair and hair loss becomes prominent. The iron quantity in these foods also benefits your body and consequently the hair making them more lustrous

4) Eggs:

Ones of who eat eggs will always have healthy hair. Any form of eggs like boiled, scrambled, fried or more and be eaten up for protein and Vitamin B-12 with biotin.

5) Whole Grain Diet:

Including a whole grain meal in a day in your diet plan will endow your hair with zinc, iron and Vitamin B leading to shiny and strong hair.

6) Calcium:

Calcium is another important nutrient which is very much necessity in our daily diet. It not makes our bones strong but also ensure healthy feel of your hair. Products like skimmed milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and more help in natural reconstruction of your damage hair.

7) Fish:

Fish is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids. According to studies you should not consume fat from meat but fat from fish is an exceptional and unique source that regenerates the hair follicles and protects the health of the scalp.

8) Nuts:

Enhance your diet with nuts such as cashews, almonds and walnuts. These nuts not only strengthen your hair but also ensures less hair fall and weakening of hair. The selenium and zinc rich nuts also help in maintaining the shine of naturally glowing hair

9) Low-fat dairy:

Dairy products that are low in fat and more in energy are a great source of protein to the body. Skimmed milk and low fat yogurts are a great source of keratin which is an excellent portion that gives healthy and refreshing hair.

10) Carrots:

Healthy scalp means healthy food! Carrots are a great source of vitamin A which is not only good for your eyes but also very beneficial for your hair. So including them in your hair care program will not only give you a good quality hair but also a great vision at the end. Eat them as snacks or with food but consuming them daily will show some marvelous results.

Devika Rajpali