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Football – Uniting the World since Decades

Football is more popular than any other games played in Europe. Not only two teams take part in the game of football, but also the hearts of millions of people are attached to it. It is a very common scene to witness the crowds going crazy during a football match. This beautiful game is so popular among people that men leave their work and students bunk their classes to watch their favorite team play.

Researches were carried out and they have shown that the game of football was originated in ancient China. The ball was made of leather and was meant to be kicked through a small hole within a silk cloth which was kept fixed between two bamboo canes. But, this game crossed the boundary in no time and became famous all over the world. England is the country where this game flourished the most. Even now, English football is more popular than that of other countries.

As days passed by, the game of football gained more and more popularity and slowly began to gain the commercial form. Several football clubs started to form with time. Some of the most popular football clubs in England are Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Aston Villa and many more. Numerous legendary players came into the fame by playing in these clubs and also for their country. With time, the commercial side of football began to grow and the football world cup was started. Since then, football has gained much more popularity than any other thing in the world.

With the increasing popularity of the game, it was not restricted among men only. Slowly, women also found their interest in the game and gradually the women football teams were formed. Today, several leagues are held where only women teams take part and a separate football world cup is also held only for women.

Football has united the whole world like nothing else. This game has not only stopped war and brought it to the field, but also has helped the people of one country to enrich themselves with the culture and passion of other countries. The football world cup is held in a country once in every four years. In order to participate in it, 32 countries gather at one place. Can you just imagine how great it would feel to witness the people of so many different countries in front of you?

Not many days are left of the latest edition of the football world cup, the 2014 FIFA Brazil World Cup. Ticket booking has already started. So, if you are a football fan and don’t want to miss the sensational matches of the football world cup, you might consider booking your 2014 world cup tickets as they are already on sale like nothing else on this planet.


The 2014 Brazil world cup is near. No other game is as popular as football. So, it’s time for all the football fans to book their tickets and pack their bags to witness the greatest show on earth – the football world cup.