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Food Coloring!

Food coloring is basically a type of food addictive that usually contains colors to be put on various food products. Some kinds of colorings use dyes which can be easily soluble in water and combined with a variety of food items that are mainly called juicy products. Importantly, pigments have typically dye base which are made to float on oils and water accordingly. Foods that have sufficient moisture are often combined with dyes that are always not very safe for the body.

The concept of adding colors to food items is very old. Initially, colorings were prepared by using a mixture of spices such as turmeric along with other useful seeds. However, nowadays, almost everywhere, artificial coloring have become an integral part of selling food products. People use colors for a variety of reasons such as a different taste, color and decoration purposes. In addition, preserved foods are well served with colors that usually turn Grey if left for few days. Sellers use a variety of colors to make them look fresh and better in appearance. This practice is not good and poses many kinds of serious health hazards for common people.

Not only this, these days many manufacturers are using minerals with the color that should be strictly avoided. Minerals come from an insect environment and poses serious issues for health condition. Seeing a huge popularity of food colors, chemists have developed synthetic but safe colors for use. Always use natural colors and recommended combination on your food products.

Latika Sharma