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Fashion Tips To Look Fantastic At 40

Unless you are really lucky (or disciplined) you are bound to enter your forties with a fair amount of excess weight. You are also in a different place in life. The dressing style that served you well earlier on is unlikely to do you any favors now. As a matter of fact, it is very important to update your look from time to time so that you dress for your age and look fantastic in the process. This does not at all mean that you have to look dowdy. In fact, you can look absolutely attractive no matter in your forties if you follow these tips:

1. Cover up any parts that have a tendency to jiggle. This means that you should wear shirts that have sleeves that cover the tops of your arms. Sleeves that come up to your elbows will look flattering. Similarly, your shirt or top should also cover your hips and tummy if you have put on weight there.

2. Wear clothes made of fabrics that skim your body gracefully and make you look slimmer. Outfits that stick out from your body will make you look unnecessarily bulky. If you find a particularly nice outfit that is perfect except for having little or no sleeves then you can cover it up with a shrug or bolero.

3. Opt for longer hemlines because extremely short dresses and skirts will become increasingly more difficult to carry off. Maxi dresses and skirts will look very graceful no matter what the occasion. If you are very small then you should avoid wearing very long dresses and skirts.

4. You should not be afraid of showing a bit of skin; your cleavage is the best bet here. A deep neckline will make you look sexy and will also make your neck look long and slender. However, do not go overboard with a deep neckline if you are extremely well endowed. Wrap style tops and dresses will help you look very sexy since they help you show off your neckline and take attention away from your waist.

You should never be afraid of following fashion trends no matter what your age; just make sure that you do it in the right manner without going overboard. Wear the latest colors and prints on your accessories in small amounts so that you don’t look like you are trying too hard. This will enable you to stay fashionable and attractive even in your 40s.

Rizvana Manzoor