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Exfoliate Your Skin With Body Scrub

Body scrub is one of the most famous body treatment that is made using an abrasive like coffee, tea , salt, sugar, rice or flour which is generally mixed with the aromatherapy and massage oils. It helps in removing the dead skin cells through the exfoliation as well as cleanse the skin and increase the body circulation. It helps to maintain a beautiful skin color, softness and boost the effectiveness of the skin serum or lotion that are applied after the shower.

Normally, a body replaces its skin every 28 days or so. The body scrub helps to get these dead cells removed earlier for a healthier skin. The main benefit of the body polishers is that it cleanses the skin of the dead cells that are present. While doing so, the scrubbing action also soothes it and provides some nutrients needed by the skin.

The scrubbing action also stimulates circulation, thereby toning the skin. Whether it is the spa or at home exfoliation revitalizes the skin by exposing the smoother new layer after the dead cells have been removed. The scrubs normally contain beauty oils and other essential oils that can make your skin soft and smooth. They even contain concentrated moisturizers that can give your skin an overall glow. They play a major contribution in cleaning your skin and removing the dead cells, dirt and oil. The tiny particles when rubbed exfoliate your skin to unclog the pores and expose the healthier layers of the skin. This will definitely make your skin appear youthful and healthy. They are a great source to keep your skin a youthful glow while giving your skin while letting the moisturizer do its job carefully.

 When the dead skin is removed through the gentle exfoliating action of the body scrub , the moisturizers and the essential oils can be absorbed. For the better results, look for the one that contains rich oils like olive oil / vitamin E oil or Almond oil which moisturizes as it exfoliates. Even it can be made at home by adding the rough component to it like salt or sugar to almond oil or olive oil. There is no hard and fast rule that the scrub has to expensive to give better results.
The most important thing that can help you get the most effective and best result with the body scrub is not get too aggressive while application. Apply a small amount to a soft wash cloth and scrub gently while moving down the body from shoulders to feet. There is no need to apply additional effort as the scrub particle provide the abrasive action. Applying too much of the pressure when using scrub can cause irritation and scratches on the skin. Once you have covered your body, rinse and apply a thin layer of moisturizer in order to make your skin appear bright. It is only product that you can’t be without.
Alisha Jain