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Europe Holiday – A Glimpse of the Best of Europe

Europe is probably the most loved destination for the Indians. Films of Bollywood have also paid rich tribute to many a fabulous destination of this continent. So, it is no surprise that exclusive Europe honeymoon packages from India are flourishing at online forums. Ask any girl where she would want to go for a honeymoon, and perhaps 7 out of 10 will name a place like Switzerland or Paris or Rome or Venice. These destinations are utterly charming, exuberantly romantic and they have that fabled quality which makes them such a surprising getaway. The best thing about Europe is that it offers you diversity. Each city and country has its own distinct attractions and personality. Some places have fabulous beaches while some are known for their Alpine mountains while some will overwhelm you with their churches, landmarks and rivers.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of those destinations where you can find a mix of history and romance. While a number of honeymooners drop by this place every year, this city is also ideal for a tour with friends and colleagues. The Colosseum is the biggest attraction but at every step you will stumble onto some leftovers by history.

Switzerland alone makes for half the number of tourists heading from India. The snowy beauty and landscape of this country have found footage in dozens of films. So, it has that undeniable charm which one can expect of a place that has got beautiful mountains, serene lakes, blissful alleys and an array of shops, markets and cathedrals. Swiss hills also offer a number of adventure options. Skiing is the eternal favorite but there are sporting complexes where other sports like skating and a few water sports can also be enjoyed.

 The country of Greece is also drawing its heavy share of tourists. Again, it has that potent mix of history and romance. There are luxurious hotels and resorts which offer completely satisfying stay. Outside the hotels, one can get completely awed by the monstrosity of the temples and landmarks. Athens, the capital city, stands tall for its legendary attractions like the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon.

Paris, the capital of France, remains the most craved destination for young couples. This city has been christened with a number of names. Some call it the City of Lights since the town dazzles up beautifully after sunset. Its iconic attraction is Eiffel Tower and it looks simply breathtaking when the lights are turned on in the evening. Some call Paris as the ultimate honeymoon destination which is only fair since the city has everything- from attractions to restaurants to night clubs to markets.

Ram Kesh