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Elegant Style Clothing and Choice of Modesty in the Workplace

Over the last century, women have risen in the ranks of the workplace, from not being allowed to work in any male-dominated fields, to becoming CEOs and executive professionals. When thinking of successful women, many people think of their personality traits and how they present themselves to the public. One important aspect of professional women is how they dress. Most successful women dress elegantly and modern, and whether wearing a pants suit or a dress they exude both professionalism and elegance.

Whether a woman works in a creative field like movie producing, advertising or the corporate finance world, they should strive to dress in elegant style clothing. Elegant clothing will help people to take them more seriously by clients and colleagues, obtain promotions and make a higher salary. Elegant style clothing is usually modest and professional, both of which are great attributes for any professional career woman. It is much better to be noticed for your great work, than your tight shirt or short skirt.

Here are a few tips for how to dress elegantly at work:

  • Even on casual Friday, it’s correct to wear elegant, upscale clothing. No need to wear jeans and hoodies to work, just because it’s ‘casual Friday.’
  • Wear comfortable, stylish shoes. Work is not the place to wear five-inch stilettos.
  • Take notice of what others are wearing. If other females in a leadership position strictly wear dress suits, and no pantsuits or sweaters. You’d be wise in doing the same. They have become leaders for a reason, and emulating them will likely help you to be successful as well.

Don’t dress for the holidays. No bells, reindeers or hearts should ever been worn to work. Successful women dress professional and wear elegant style clothing all year-round, even on holidays.

Women over the last few decades have become more successful, and with that success clothing has changed as well. Women were accustomed to only wearing dresses in the early 1900s. These dresses were big, hot and often very difficult to get into. Most stylish women did not work outside of the home, and those that did had much less stylish clothes. Often these women had to wear drab dresses that were made simply for functionality and not fashion.

As the decade progressed women were allowed to have more jobs within the work force, and their style choses also changed. Women were allowed to wear trousers to work, even exude a bit of personal style by choosing colors, patterns and accessories to wear. Today women have the choice to wear pantsuits, dress suits, skirts, sweaters and dresses. Taking a look at successful women of today, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and princess Katherine of Windsor. You’ll see women that are modestly dressed, stylish and professional at the same time. There is no need to show skin at work. It’s much more gratifying to be recognized for you skills and your abilities than your physical attributes.

Amber Marchetti