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Effective Ways of Using the Lip Tint

As you shop around, you will discover many lip formulae to choose from that help to make the lips to look gorgeous. You can consider choosing lipstick in cream or matte formulae, tinted lip balms, lip glosses and much more. It is possible that you will have found lip tint from the local beauty shop and wondered its uses. The product is recommended highly because of its lasting power and this explains why many women are using it. The product is nevertheless simple to use and has the ability of creating a nice look. Ways of using the lip tint include:

· Exfoliate the lips

Before applying the tint, take the necessary steps to exfoliate the lips using a dry toothbrush. Consider applying some balm or any other product that is designed for moisturizing the lips. This important step plays a critical role in improving the overall look of the lips. Therefore, it is important to undertake the step. If you do not want to exfoliate the lips using your brush, you will discover products that have been designed for this purpose that can be applied to the lips.

Line your lipsBefore applying the tint, you can consider lining your lips. You can use a brand that features a marker tip to line the lips and then apply the tint. You may need to choose whether you want the sheer wash of a deep dramatic look or a natural looking color. Apply a single coat of tint to generate a natural color or several coats to attain a desirable depth of color. The options are open here. You may consider making the color sheer and natural or deep and intense, according to your needs. The best color to use is the one that is half to a whole shade brighter when compared to the natural lip color. The color ranges from the rich eggplant to the peachy brown and rosy pink. Therefore, you will need to buy a product depending on the depth of your complexion.

· Apply gloss

If you are looking for a dewy, moist look, you may consider applying sheer gloss over the tint. However, if you are looking for a natural “flush of colors”, you can avoid applying gloss. You want to be careful to make sure your lips compliment the rest of the body. If you are seeking to get a bare, natural look, you want to be careful to ensure the tint is close to the natural lip color.

Saich M Kate