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Earrings For Every Face Shape

The perfect earrings can add an element of glam to any outfit. They are often the finishing touches to a well thought out ensemble. However, less consideration is given to the shape of one’s face when choosing earrings than the style of the jewelry itself. Wearing the wrong earrings can actually make your face look larger than it is. Here are the common face shapes among women and the styles of earrings that go best with them.

Oval – Oval faces are considered the perfect face shape. They have foreheads the same width as the cheekbones. These faces are slightly narrower at the chin. Women with oval faces are the luckiest because they look good in almost every style of earrings, although women with long noses should avoid earrings that are too long.

Round – Round faces are also known as “circular faces.” They are widest at the cheekbones and they do not taper to the chin. Women with round faces should consider elongated earrings and earrings that dangle beyond the chin. This is to lengthen the appearance of the face and avoid adding width or roundness. Earrings styles to avoid are large earrings that are round, bulky, wide or circular.

Heart Shaped – Heart shaped faces have foreheads that are wider than the cheekbones, and taper to the chin. Women with these types of face shapes should balance them with earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top. Teardrop styles and triangle earrings are great. Avoid earrings that draw attention to the cheekbones as well as earrings that are too long.

Square – Faces that are square have similar widths in their foreheads, cheeks and jawline. Earrings that are round will soften these lines in the face, while longer dangling earrings and hoops that will make the face appear smaller. Avoid wide earrings as they will serve to just make a square face look larger.

Narrow or Elongated faces – Also known as a “rectangle” face, it is a slightly longer version of a square face. Smaller studs and pearl earrings are ideal because they minimize the length of the face. Shorter dangling earrings work well because they minimize the length. Women with these face shapes benefit from wider earring styles.

Diamond – Considered the second best face shape. Women with diamond faces have foreheads and chins that are narrower than the cheekbones. These face shapes benefit from styles that are in correct proportion, although they should take care not to wear earrings that are too long as they will add unnecessary length to the face.

Earrings are a versatile accessory that any woman can use as the finishing touch to her outfit. Though personal style matters, choosing earrings that flatter your particular face shape will highlight a woman’s natural beauty.

Crystal G.