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Dubai: A Paradise For Shoppers

Dubai is the king of shopping malls and complexes. Apart from the traditional bazaars and souks found in Sharjah and Dubai, the shopping malls present here are not only the best shopping complexes in the world but are also one of the top attractions of Dubai. It is said that you will find a lot of malls here as compared to any other location in the Middle East. I’m a complete Shopaholic and there are many others like me who visit Dubai for only one sole purpose and that is shopping.

Travel to Dubai for shopping purpose is surely a wonderful idea as you will find the best malls here. I have made a small list of the top malls in Dubai, which I personally prefer for shopping.

Deira City Center
It is one of the most famous malls in Dubai and is pure shopping haven. It has around 370 shopping stores comprising of all small and big brands like Gap, Nike, Calvin Klein, Zara, New Look and River Island provides affordable fashion for the complete family. There is a cinema theater and two food courts with a separate play area for the children. This mall is an overall good place for a day’s entertainment.

Ibn Battuta
This amazing mall is not only massive in size it’s pretty impressive when we talk about its structure. The mall has a multicultural environment and the design of the malls speaks for every different nation. From China to India – Persia to Egypt the mall has every nation listed in it. And each one of the themes is planned according to the goods and spices you will find in there. Indian Court is a place for fashionistas whereas the Chinese court is for entertainment like cinema and food court.

Bur Juman
This mall has to offer a little more sophisticated brand. Apart from the normal shopping brands; you will find high street fashion brands here like Dior, Hermes, Cartier, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Just Cavalli and many more interesting brands. There are many restaurants, food courts and café at this shopping mall offering a lot of entertaining experiences. This mall is more about serious shopping than spending some relaxed time.

With so much to do and see in the fascinating place one never gets bored and for Shopaholics Dubai is a paradise with many options at every corner. Some shopping malls in Dubai are purely made for serious shopping while the others are also a good place for spending a day and getting entertained.

Anum Sharf