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Dry Fruit Hampers

Drying and preserving fruits has been known in history for millenia. It is one of the earliest forms of food preservation. This method of ensuring that we can enjoy eating fruits that are long past their shelf-life and season has been practiced in most countries of the Middle East and Asia.  Extended hot summers and dry seasons in these countries are ideal for dehydrating the fruits and removing their water content. This way, they stay edible for months or even years.

Dry fruits have a high nutritional value and natural sugar content making them ideal foods for journeys. In fact, modern trail mix packages include different types of dry fruits, nuts, seeds etc.  They were a valuable source of nutrition and energy for ancient travelers and sports-persons. In fact, in ancient Rome, dry fruits were given as prizes to successful athletes. They are also very good for health since the vitamin, calcium and mineral content increases with drying. Their low sodium content makes them ideal for consumption by those with hypertension and heart disease. They also contain important antioxidants and trace elements which slow down aging and promote bone health and growth. Dry fruits like dry plums or prunes have a high pectin content which lowers cholesterol. They’re also great for digestion, promote oral health and weight management.

Traditional dry fruits include dates, raisins, figs and apricots. However, technically speaking, any kind of fruit, berries or vegetables can be dried and preserved. The traditional dry fruits have remained favorites but new entrants like apples, kiwi, mango, papaya, peaches and lychees are becoming popular. When added to desserts, cakes and sweets, they enhance the flavor of these treats.

 Today, dry fruits are a very popular gifting idea. They are considered a luxury item and are the preferred gifts on special occasions, weddings, birthdays, festivals and corporate events. In combination with nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews, or chocolates, cakes, jewelry, flowers and soft toys, they make a delightful hamper which will please anyone, young or old, the global traveler or the stay-at-home patriarch. They can be consumed easily and are a wonderful anytime snack that you can pop into your mouth, leaving you feeling satisfied and content for hours.

dry fruit hampers make a yummy, unforgettable, deluxe gifting idea, perfect for any occasion.

Willoughby Davis