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Different Types Of Fashionable Women Tops

Most women like to possess an enviable collection of fashionable tops, starting from teenagers to office going ladies. Do you know the best thing about women tops? You can sport them as casual wears and at the same time flaunt them at parties or any special occasion. Available in an array of cuts and styles, they simply add a dash of beauty and charm to the wearers. The youthful appeals of women tops are truly amazing. Are you planning to buy some stylish tops for yourself? Then let me introduce you to a range of fashionable women tops that will make you look younger and charming.

Corset Tops

Corset top is classic fashion apparel for women made from a wide range of fabrics like linen and cotton. The style of the top has a feminine appeal and it is fairly tight-fitting. If you have a nice figure you can always opt for this wear since the body hugging style will help you to flaunt the real contours of your body. It will make you look exactly what you are. You can team up this clothing item with basic shirts or skirts. It is also great to createfashion statement when paired with trousers and jeans. Designed with an array of neck styles and patterns, they are just great to make you look stylish. V-neck and round neck are the most popular ones. Corsets top is often designed with boning, lacing, patchwork and embroidery that offer the wear a refined fashionable look.

Halter Tops

Want to flaunt a trendy look in your upcoming college feast? Then halter top is undoubtedly a desirable choice. This adorable clothing item features stylish halter neckline style that will just make you stand out from the rest in any occasion. The top is designed with a high neck and deep, raglan-type armholes. Few styles of halter tops are designed with two straps from the bodice. The straps are generally tied at the back and inneck. You will find some with horizontal bottom edges. In some tops the two side edges meet in a V style.

Off-shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops are highly fashionable and accentuate the shoulder and neckline of the wearer. This strapless off-shoulder clothing item is extremely feminine and apt to make a bold style statement. You can simply pair this dress with jeans, long skirts, trousers and capris. You can wear it at all kind of occasions, be it casual or formal. You can even wear the outfit for yoga, gym or while working out. Common materials used in off shoulder tops are chiffon, georgette and cotton.

Poncho Tops

Ponchos are simply gorgeous and fashionable wears that you can wear both at casual and formal occasions. They are generally available in free size. The appeal of the wear is enhanced with eye-catching adornments on the hemline and the neckline. You can wear this item alone or team with some other tops like tank top. Ponchos look great with trousers or jeans. They even look gorgeous when hanging over skirt.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are well-fitted women wears which are basically sleeveless garments worn by women of any age group. They are available in an array of styles and designs. You can also wear them under shirts. Common fabric used for tank tops are cotton and polyester. This clothing item is great to wear as casual wear in summer.

Wrap tops

Wrap top has an extreme feminine appeal. They come in draped fashion and are wrapped around shoulders. They look like shawls or stoles and are great to wear at an evening party. You can sport a chic look by pairing this outfit with trousers and jeans. They are even worn with skirts. They are available in an extensive range of styles and designs. Found in an array of shades, you will be just spoilt with choices. You can also choose from different fabrics like silk, chiffon or georgette.

Ken Blitz