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Costa Rica and Destination Wedding

The Costa Rican beautiful beaches, rain forests, and the volcanoes are the answer to why people are choosing this Central American terrain for their vacations. Zip-lining, scuba diving, bird watching, world class river rafting and many more fun-filled activities planned during the trip to this small country. In between the Pacific and Caribbean, two coastlines of this Tico land a lot of tourist attractions scattered. A notable number of visitors came to Costa Rica with the planning of the destination wedding and this trend is increasing massively. So, the tour and travel operators and event organizers as well as the hotels are showing their interest in it.

How to Plan Destination Wedding in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is one of the most prominent choices in the world to plan a destination wedding! This new trend became usual here in the last few years, so the groom and bride to-be need not to be worried. All the arrangements for a marriage like the legal documentation, accommodation points, party place booking, etc is so simple in Costa Rica.

Legal Certification of Marriage:

Costa Rican marriages are accepted in all countries. In terms of legal documentation, just the birth certificates need to be submitted to the lawyer to prove the applicants are above 18 years of age then he will complete other legal processes. Also the valid passports required, but there is no need to produce any type of residency affirmations. Two friends or relatives would agree to sign as witnesses along with the couple and the attorney after the marriage ceremony. Generally within 10 weeks, the Civil Registry of Costa Rica forwards the marriage certificate.

Location for Wedding Ceremony and Honeymoon: Beaches:

The beautiful and wide spread coastline of Costa Rica attracts the overseas travelers to enjoy their holidays. When we talk about the destination wedding, beachfront hotels and vacation rentals reduces the stress about finding the best location to plan the marriage ceremony. The hotels are well versed to manage the stuffs like welcoming guests from the airport, decoration of the ground, etc so you don’t need to pay for the wedding-planners. But if you booked a beach side house, then a wedding coordinator is essential.

 Both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts are exclusive for having fun. The green season (April to November) at the Caribbean coastline get mostly booked so early booking is advised. The North Pacific coastlines with stunning white shore lines and the Central Pacific region with a magnificent combination of nature and adventure stands as the best alternatives for the South part. In the South Pacific shores, still there is something special for those who search for the intensity of the natural world at its best. For honeymooners also the whole scene feels more romantic and lusty.


The tropical atmosphere and the deep rain forests of Costa Rica praised for attracting millions of visitors every year. Planning the marriage ceremony or honeymoon at the villas or resorts in these Jungles adds more excitement.


Volcanoes considered as the must see tourist destinations and if you will select it as the destination marriage point then it will be more fantasizing. The rare views of the lava flow from the volcanoes are more enjoyable when the couples are on their honeymoon at the nearby hotel or vacation home.

The destination wedding can be more memorable as well as graceful as dreamed by the engaged couples or groom and bride-to-be. Costa Rica rentals are the great solutions for both arranging the marriage ceremony and honeymoon. Practically, no other country can present you the wide range of exotic locations and activities. The guests will be more pleased to join the celebration as they will get a good vacation experience in Costa Rica.

Joceline Sammy