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Correct Your Eye Vision by LASIK Surgery

Are you despondent of wearing contact lenses and glasses to correct your vision?  Are your looking for a permanent solution to correct your vision? Then LASIK surgery is the best selection for you.

In recent era LASIK has become common enough among people. LASIK is the shortened form of Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. Lasik surgery is a popular kind of vision correction. It was introduced in the 1990 and since then, lots of people have had the vision corrected by LASIK surgery. The common eye problem that can be corrected using LASIK surgery is astigmatism, Hyperopia and Myopia. There are different types of vision problems that can be corrected by LASIK surgery. Nearsightedness is caused by a cornea that is too steep. Lasik surgery helps to reduce this problem. Far sighted individuals have a cornea that needs to be steeper.

While LASIK is a very fast procedure to perform, usually it takes less than a minute for each eye, sometimes LASIK surgery can have need of half an hour to correct the defects in an eye properly. The duration of LASIK surgery depends upon the vision related problem that being treated and variation of LASIK surgery is being done. This is a pain less procedure and after just about one day of the procedure the vision will be better.

Lasik has a good rate of success. There are only a small proportion of patients whose vision is degraded. These people include less than one percent of all LASIK surgeries performed. Many people report dry eye or lights around the edge of the vision. These symptoms should weaken as time passes. All individuals are not good candidates for Lasik. Certain health conditions or medications that any one is taking can be disqualified from Lasik surgery. Contact an eye surgeon in Rockford for a consultation. They will help you to know whether LASIK is a good for your situation or not. It is done by specialized surgeons by using highly sophisticated technology and tools. After the Lasik procedure, patients may feel discomfort, dry eyes, watering and irritation in eyes, but it will finish after a short nap. In some cases, it may take few days or even a week to get normal vision.

LASIK Surgery has helped many people to enjoy their life by abolishing the need of contact lenses and eye glasses. After LASIK is performed it is obligatory to take the medicine prescribed by your doctor and you have to follow the instructions like don’t rub your eyes as there may be chances of infection.

Kim Watson