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Come to Beijing and Experience the Great Wall

China has many amazing sites to showcase and one remarkable piece of history in China is the Great Wall. This incredible and unique piece of history has been a landmark throughout time in the historic city of Beijing.

Beijing is not only known for hosting the Great Wall but also for being the second largest city in China. It is viewed as the People’s Republic within China as well. Beijing is located in the North part of China and is the hub of education, cultural and political relations. Beijing has been full of history throughout its existence, from incredible palaces to beautiful gardens and parks. This being said, the arts are one of Beijing’s major attractions, from extremely advanced universities to exquisite works of art showcasing the history of China.

When you hear people talking about the Great Wall of China, they only mention the “Wall”. There is more to the Great Wall as there are parts and areas that signify so much more. This is one thing that you will learn when touring the Great Wall. Many tours can include other areas of interest regarding the Great Wall. For example if you want to tour the Great Wall and include the Forbidden City as well this can also be scheduled. Every package related to the Great Wall can keep you busy through the entire day or just for a few hours.

You can plan your tour so that you can be picked up from the hotel where you will be staying. Then you can follow an itinerary that had been set up by you and your tour guide. This makes things so much more simple and it gives you the time to enjoy the parts of the Great Wall that you have came to see or the parts that intrigued you the most. These tours usually require that in the package, an automobile or van service driver in included and that will take you to the location of the Great Wall that was already scheduled within your itinerary. This takes the stress out of how to get to the location, and what part that you will actually visit.

 Many of the tours that are focused mainly on the Great Wall may very in price and time spent in that area of the Great Wall. These packages may include if requested, add-ons from that point. So be sure to review all the locations of the Great Wall and which parts you are interested in.

Like in most tours you can even view the Great Wall from higher up in a helicopter. If this is something that may interest you, be sure to contact the tour guide or agent.

If you are more of the walking and hiking sort, there are many parts of the Great Wall that you would enjoy. From the smooth walking areas, to the real hiking ones with the steep incline walking. Arrange a tour with the best Chinese travel agency.

Either way you look at it, the Beijing Great Wall Tour will set you up for adventure and allow you visit the magnificent attraction that you have always wanted to experience when visiting the Great Wall of China.

Christina Han