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Can You Increase Height After 18? That’s the Big Question

If you remember well, your teacher told you in science class that girls do not grow taller beyond the age of 18 years; it is to say beyond puberty. Boys who enter the growth phase a little later than their counterparts continue to grow right into their early 20s. How then would manufacturers of height growth supplements justify their claim to help you add inches as an adult? Should we write them off as scams? Not really.

What we know and what we’ve learnt has a missing link. Most girls stop growing taller at the age of 14 while boys stop adding inches by the age of 18. By this age, boys and girls have grown to 99% of their body’s growth capacity. Thus, the body has not completed its full growth and will continue growing to attain this 1%. However, you must realize that the increase in height will not be as significant and drastic as the teen years when you suddenly “shot up”. The maximum growth in height you will achieve might be between 2 and 6 inches; rarely more than that. Besides, factors such as genetics also have a major say in how tall or short a person will be.

But, the good news is you have a chance to increase height (this 1%) upto the age of 30 years. So, if you’re above 18 and are deeply disturbed by your short stature, don’t waste time. Read on for tips and start working today.

What is the way to grow taller after 18?

Exercise, exercise and only exercise holds the key to increase height. Exercise activities enable the bones to stretch and thereby help to lengthen one’s appearance. You should do exercises that elongate the spine and the leg joints muscles.

The easiest exercise involves hanging from a bar. Make sure the bar can take your weight to avoid mishaps. You can hang for 20 minutes to half an hour. Divide the total time into sets to give the exercise a more structured approach. You can make the activity slightly challenging by not simply hanging but also trying to raise your legs up to the bar. Swimming, Pilates and yoga are other exercises that will help grow in height. In addition to this, you can perform bow downs, toe touches, standing twists and side bends.

We would also advise you to eat right because a diet rich in vitamins supports the body’s natural capacity to grow while at the same time supplementing one’s exercise efforts. One should eat a diet rich in green leafy vegetable and dairy products because they are rich sources of calcium. You should also eat fruits rich in vitamin D as it enables better absorption of dietary calcium.

All your efforts will fall flat if you do not sleep well. The primary reason is because the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the hormone that regulates height and growth in the human body is synthesized when you are asleep.

So, to sum it up, it boils down to regular exercise, a healthy diet, a regular sleep schedule and a boost in the production of the essential Human Growth Hormone.

Seth Pittman