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Cameo – The Vintage Comeback

There is something beautifully refined and elegant about a classic cameo. Whether you raid your grandmother’s jewellery box, scour the antique stores or opt for the less pricey alternative of buying one of the many reproductions that are around. A cameo is the perfect accessory to add charm to any outfit, as well as being the epitome of statement fashion.

Cameo is actually a method of carving that dates back to the Egyptians, before being made popular by the Greeks in the 3rd Century BC. The finished effect is a raised image against a contrasting background. The most popular examples of this being a lady’s silhouette. Napoleon Bonaparte’s coronation crown featured a number of striking cameos, and Queen Victoria was a fan, leading to a cameo resurgence in the 19th Century. Victorian jewellery is the height of fashion right now, after Miu Miu’s playful cameo jewellery added punch to the runways. It fits in with the ever evolving world of vintage fashion and tips its bowler hat to the achingly cool world of steam punk. Cameos are the height of women’s fashion this season, and there are plenty of versatile ways to wear these stylish accessories.

There are a number of ways to wear a cameo, with a brooch being the most popular and classic. Brooches look great secured at the neck of a simple white or ivory blouse, teamed with a full skirt and soft pastel shades for a feminine look. Throw in some florals to honour the current trend for flower motifs. Alternatively, use them to add a little extra detail to your handbag or high fashion shoes. If you prefer an edgier look why not pick a monochrome cameo and pick out an outfit in striking contrasts of black and white to compliment the accessory. Monos are seriously trendy right now and the addition of a cameo will be achingly chic. With a look like this you will simple radiate style intelligence!

Embellished accessories are very now, why not simply update a women’s handbag with a few carefully chosen cameos. It will be a real one of the kind, you’ll be perfectly on trend and you will end up with a much coveted fashion bag.

If brooches make you think of your Nan, then you might like to put a modern twist on the cameo. Updos adorned with pretty accessories are a bang on trend right now with designers such as Dolce & Gabbana using them in their Spring/Summer 2014 campaigns. Pin a cameo or two into your tousled summer updo and add a playful sophistication to your look. To stay on trend and in keeping with the femininity of the look why not pair it with a pink outfit, flat sandals and some floral accessories. Stylish clothes will look even more stunning when a well-placed cameo is added to the final outfit.

A cameo necklace is a great statement piece, especially if you choose something large and striking. Team it with one of this season’s must have colours, either red or blue. Red exudes confidence but is more suited to those with a warm skin tone, blue can look equally striking for those with cooler skin tones. Monochrome cameos will really stand out against the scarlet tones of a red dress, and will add statement glamour to understated blues. Add cameo earrings too for a real showstopping entrance.

So however you choose to wear your cameo; as a brooch, necklace, earrings or even a hair adornment. You’ll be beautifully on trend with this charming and elegant accessory.

Nikolas Psarris