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Cake Baking Tricks and Techniques

In many celebrations, cakes are present. Birthday parties for example will never be complete without cakes. They are beautiful creations that many people kids and old alike simply can’t resist. Most of us buy from a store, but its actually better to cook or bake it yourself. That way, it’s more personalized, especially if you are giving it away as a gift.

My favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to bake cakes. When I was just starting to learn the ropes of baking different goodies, I started perfecting my skills in making cakes that are as perfect as possible. Let me share with you some tips you need to do while baking your cakes. Be sure to follow them to ensure the best results.

1. Utilize ingredients that are within room temperature. If they are anything but hold or cold, let them stay in the table for about 30 minutes or until temperatures are neutral or adjusted to room temperature.

2. Eggs to be used must be the freshest. They should not float in a bowl of water, they should sink. Use newly bought eggs, especially those fresh from the market.

3. Precise measurement of ingredients is a must. A digital kitchen scale will help you with this. It’s the best way to go about it.

4. Use silicone baking mats and discover all its time and money saving benefits.

5. Use lukewarm water for eggs that are cold and newly taken from the refrigerator.

6. Be careful in the use of sugar. The right amounts must be used or else you will suffer the consequences of having too dark crust if you use too much of it or too light of a crust if you use too little. So be extra careful and follow the exact measurements in recipes.

7. A sprinkled tiny amount of salt can help bring out the sweetness in your cakes.

8. Do not put the cakes inside the oven when the oven has not reached the required temperature yet.

9. Be sure that the sides of the cakes are not in contact with the oven sides and be sure that if there are more than one cake inside the oven, that they are not touching each other to avoid damage and uneven result.

10. Flip the cake on the other side only after 20 minutes. Do not do it before this time as it can damage your cake unnecessarily.

11. Sprinkle powdered sugar on your cakes if you don’t have enough time for frosting. You’ll be surprised it does actually tastes good.

Gates Kornberg