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Build Six Pack Abs Easy with these Simple Yet Effective Abdominal Exercises

Fitness-enthusiasts are quite keen to perform ab exercises as having a flabby, beer-belly is the most common and the most unsightly sign of being out of shape.  It’s something that everyone simply wants to get rid off. But despite the many familiar exercises you can do for your abs, it’s easy to get confused as to which particular routine you really need to focus on to get the results you want. After all, you see brand new ab tools and machines coming out all the time, along with an endless flow of new info about how to develop abs. Thus, to help you narrow down your possibilities, we’ll be sharing some tips for simple yet effective abdominal exercises in this short article.

The basic crunch is probably the best known exercise for the abdominal muscles. It’s no surprise most people are familiar with it. You lie face-up on the floor with your hands behind your head. The motion simply involves lifting the shoulder blades off the floor towards your chest. Keep the legs as steady as possible when doing the motion. A variation on this is the reverse crunch, which places more emphasis on the rectus abdominis muscle, which is the lower part of the abdominal region. In this case, you raise both the shoulders and the hips, bringing knees towards the chest at a 90 degree angle.

As you can see, crunches and reverse crunches are great abdominal exercises to help you develop abs . One problem with them, however, is that some people do them too much, thinking that doing more sets will increase their results. So, don’t over do the crunch.

The second simple and easy abdominal exercise we’ll talk about is the bicycle. But, no, you don’t need a bicycle or even an exercise bike to do the bicycle exercise for your abs. To perform this exercise, start by lying on the ground or mat facing up; your hands can be crossed in front of you or behind the head. Your knees and shoulders both come up to start the exercise. You can start with either the left or right elbow, bringing it to the opposite knee while keeping your other leg straight. After doing one side, you then reverse it, making the bent knee straight and touching the knee that’s now bent with the opposite elbow. The idea is to make it a steady bicycling or pedaling movement doing at least 10 repetitions. Again, don’t overdo it, especially at first, and be certain your neck isn’t being strained.

Another abdominal exercise you shouldn’t overlook for your abs is the plank. By doing this exercise regularly, you’ll be making your entire core area stronger. Keep your hands and arms on the floor or mat in the start-off position, with your face down. As your body rises, staying as straight as possible, you bring your weight onto your toes and arms. Hold for as long as you can, building up to sixty seconds and then lower yourself to the ground. When you first do this exercise you may not be able to keep your body up for that long, but you will definitely improve if you stick with it.

There you have it, three simple and easy abdominal exercises that you can perform  even without any ab tools or machines. You will surely see results if you perform them consistently. However, bear in mind that building your abdominal muscles also has a lot to do with overall strength training everyday. Your muscle groups need to all be strong. This will help you burn fat at the same time. Research indicates that weight training, or other types of resistance exercises, are actually the best way to burn fat. Doing cardio exercises along with this can provide a balanced routine. By losing the extra fat, you’re going to see your abdominal muscles stand out. You may have great abs, but if you don’t have the fat gone from your stomach, no one will ever see them. Many strength building exercises that target other muscle groups, such as your legs, also benefit your abs.

Jon Cedric Page