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Boxing Gear for Beginners

It is fun to watch the sport of boxing. Millions of people all around the globe spend most money in pay per views and tickets to see two boxing gear clad warriors put it all on the ring. Although a lot of people love to see boxers play, there are not really much athletes that are interested in trying out the sport. Since it is a fighting sport, people do not want to get hit even with MMA gear on. But for people who want to try out the sport, here are some of the gears they have to use.

Head Gear

Although the head gear is not a part of the traditional fitness gear, it is important to have one during amateur boxing matches and in sparring. The brain rests in the head and it is very prone to get damaged by a strong blow or two. It is important to cushion the head and lessen the impact of every shot. This is especially true for full contact fighting sports such as mixed martial arts where the head gear is part of the MMA gear for protection. Getting hit in the head real hard can cause certain permanent injury such as stroke and coma, and it is also fatal in some cases.


Aside from the head gear, an important part of boxing protection is the mouthpiece. It protects the teeth from getting plucked out from its place during strong blows. It somehow protects the jaws as well from being dislocated. This is not an exclusive boxing gear but is a commonly used protection piece on all sports. Even some people include it in their fitness gear. The mouth is also prone to permanent injuries and may cause death if a tooth gets inside the windpipe following a strong blow to the chin.

Shoes and Shorts

A complete boxing gear should include proper boxing shorts and shoes. A boxer should wear boxing shoes since it is specifically designed to protect the ankles and the foot from injury. It also enhances footwork and improves even regular footing. The same goes with boxing shorts. Boxing shorts are not the same as MMA gear as it is designed to provide comfort and ease of movement to the boxer while somehow protecting the lower body which is really painful to get hit with.

With a complete boxing gear, even a novice boxer can find the sport fun, challenging, and yet safe.