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Bali, The Earthy Paradise

Sited on the middle of Indonesian archipelago, first discovered by the European sailors, Bali becomes truly tranquil island. It is the earthy paradise for those, who are dedicated to the beauty of the tropical island. For summer holiday, honeymoon or even family perfect holiday. Not only its attractive view and exotic tourism spot but also the hospitality of the people you hardly find in a metropolitan city or highest civilization.

Many travelers mesmerized by not just a part of it but almost completely all. The power of attracting people in the world has make Bali as one of the “must visit” world’s tourist destination. Over 8 regencies spread out beautiful spots to be visited through the over 3 million inhabitants. Further, each of them presents unique character of the culture itself. The selling point of this island is The Hindus culture with the temples from ancient age. There is no day without celebration toward the God.

The tradition blends within the Hindus people, their daily life filled in by ritual culture. Once you experienced Bali, the air of the island will capture your soul. The daily life and activities of the people reflect their spiritual culture. Everywhere you go all that can be found is ritual ceremony and the offerings on the street, temples, big trees and other places believed existing holy spirits.

The belief and culture might be the main attention for tourist to get fascinated in conjunction with their aim to visit some tourist destinations spread along Bali.

Thus Bali is known as “Heaven on Earth” trough enchanting scenery, as it is acknowledged as “Island of Thousand Temples”. Along the paradise you will be able to find many temples from centuries ago remain with their unique and stunning presentation. Besakih Temple is the mother temple of all temples in Bali. It’s nestled on the slope of the highest mountain, Mount Agung. Other temples for they’re famed by where the two temples sited are Uluwatu Temples and Tanah Lot Temples. Uluwatu Temple is on the edge of the cliff in which it’s inhabited by group of monkeys. Right below the temple, most surfers find Uluwatu beach as paradise for high wave lovers. On the other part, Tanah Lot Temple is the 16th century temple that beautifully perched at the sea, rocky silhouette where many people come during the sunset to spoil their eyes and feel the moment. Whenever it’s not tide you are able to walk to reach the temple. Another mystical thing about this temple is the cave where there’s a holy snake living.

For accommodation, there are “bunch of hotels” can be hunted. From those small hotels or inns, which offer good rate with a standard service until those who have fantastic rate including their luxurious rooms, wonderful view and exclusive services. They are located not just around tourism object more likely in such ”out of civilization” places, up high on the cliff or hill as well as down to the river and rice field area.

For surfers and passionate travelers, find your pleasure at south coast of Bali. Kuta is about 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport where the white sand’s beach stretch over 10 km. Travelers come not without any reason since this place has all that every traveler’s desire. Don’t just discern to the beach for it’s fantastic wave, topless sunbathers, masseurs relax your body with compatible price and those vendors selling the crafts, in spite of those motives try to give a glance at the night life as experiencing it, lots of fun can be gained. Even just for a chill out time at cafes or bar on the street to a tranquil dinner in a decent restaurant accompanied by easy listening music or “Gamelan” Balinese traditional music instrument.

Inland, away from the beach, some villages illustrate the serenity of the paradise. Hide away from the crowd, up to the mountain area where heart can be so peaceful by the lush tropical plants or green paddy fields. Central Bali and northern Bali is really famous by terraced rice fields, down to the Tabanan regency. The fresh air surround you whilst the song of the bird rhythm through the morning breeze. Feel the harmony within mind.

One to be attained for home present can be found down the art craft’s place. Just about the tourism object, plenty of art shops offer good stuffs for reasonable price and suggested for bargaining. Along the road of Gianyar regency, you will find handicraft’s shop, woodcarvings even jewelries workshop. As the eyes gaze to the display of wood or stone statue and painting, you can as well visit a village named Celuk for silver or gold jewelries or go along Mas village for another comparison instead.

Experience more to the bottomless part of Bali while you are away for holiday. Get the excitement differently through the places you visit, hence it’s never going to be ever come to Bali but for ever remain coming for another visit.

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